Was Tampa Bay's Super Bowl win fixed? Refs slammed after Tom Brady wins it for Bucs: 'Rigged from the jump'

Skip Bayless' tweet slamming Brady's former team manager Bill Belichick made Chiefs fans go wild on Twitter

                            Was Tampa Bay's Super Bowl win fixed? Refs slammed after Tom Brady wins it for Bucs: 'Rigged from the jump'
Tom Brady led Tampa Bay Buccaneers to their win (Getty Images)

Trust Skip Bayless to spark debates on Twitter. The well-known columnist and TV personality did what he does best as he slammed Bill Belichick after Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl LV pipping Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Belichick could only watch as his former New England Patriots star drove his new team to a title win, and Bayless was not done rubbing it in.

"TOM BRADY JUST LAUNCHED HIS SECOND DYNASTY, THIS ONE IN TOMPA BAY. EAT YOUR HEART OUT, BELICHICK, IF YOU HAVE ONE," read Bayless' tweet and as always, the tweet sparked massive fury among Chiefs and Pats fans who went on to say the Super Bowl was rigged in favor of the Bucs and the refs played a crucial part in making sure Brady, at 43, would get another ring on the finger.


The response came swiftly and clearly and the fans were not mincing words. "Buccaneers path to a rigged Super Bowl: -Versed a 7-9 Football Team +Brady got outplayed Taylor Heinicke -Washed Drew Brees  (3 INT)+Brady got saved by his defense -Brady got outplayed by Rodgers and saved by defense+Refs -Refs are clearly rigging this game," read one of the tweets.


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One of the fans was in agreement. "Skip... come on, we all saw this game and we also heard what the commentator and halftime analyst said. Bad officiating lead to KC playing from behind which leads to the Bucs rushing the QB. Kansas lost this game, Brady benefited from the lost."

"Tom Brady's journey to a Nickelodeon ring: - Brought Gronk out of retirement - Gets Fournette - Needs more help,gets Antonio Brown - Played 7-9 team with 4th string QB first round - Jared Cook fumble - Threw 3 picks vs Packers,Kevin King - Chiefs missing Oline, Mahomes injured," opined one of the fans. 'Rigged' seemed to be the keyword as most slammed Brady for his Mickey Mouse ring. "Rigged from the jump, defense saved Brady’s career just like deflated footballs, the Mickey bowl doesn’t count in my book," a fan tweeted.

Bill Belichick (Getty Images)





Support for Brady wasn't far away. "Love all the haters on here blaming the refs. I though Mahomes was the golden child? The NFL hates Brady right? Mahomes was anointed right? They got bitch slapped and played like ass. Period.," one of the Bucs fans responded.

Tom Brady (Getty Images)


The Bucs won 31-9 with Brady winning his 7th Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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