‘The Red Shadows’ Episode 4: Gabriel risks everything he has to save Thelma

‘The Red Shadows’ Episode 4: Gabriel risks everything he has to save Thelma
Thelma and Gabriel Garnier (Sundance TV)

Aurore Garnier (Nadia Farès) fought tooth and nail and finally managed to reunite Clara Ivaldi (Manon Azem) with the Garniers, but not every member of the family is as thrilled about her sudden appearance, especially Frédéric (Raphaël Lenglet), who is finding it extremely hard to accept her with open arms, unlike the rest.

Episode 4 of ‘The Red Shadows’ opens with Aurore finding a bloodied Clara and her boyfriend Mass lying unconscious in their residence following an episode of violence after Clara refused to be involved in the sale of the estate. On arriving at the hospital, Aurore and Antoine (Mhamed Arezki) are informed that Mass has died of an overdose.

When Aurore is on her way to see Clara, she crosses paths with Yann Guilbert, the man who fired at the Garniers during their family dinner and erased all possible traces from Clara’s childhood home. Aurore chases Guilbert only to fail, as he vanishes into thin air soon after exiting the hospital.

Meanwhile, the situation at the Garnier household has turned further complicated after Clara refused to agree with the sale even turning down her share. Frédéric is upset with his family for blindly trusting Clara.


On realizing he’s the only member of the family suspicious of Clara’s intentions, Frédéric wants to convince their father to disown Clara. He also tells Gabriel Garnier (Lannick Gautry) that Aurore is too emotionally invested in Clara to be confronted and decides to go behind her back.

But, little does he know that Jacques Garnier's (Antoine Duléry) himself isn’t ready to lose his daughter who has come back into his life 20 years later.

And, one couldn’t help but pity Gabriel, who is putting his life on the line to cover up a mishap his half-sister Thelma Garnier (Eden Ducourant) and friends have caused by running over one of Bapisti’s associates. He goes to the extent of lying to Romain and hiding the truth regarding the murder from Aurore, unaware of the consequences of his mindless actions.

Towards the end of the episode, Clara manages to escape from the hospital with Gabriel's help, to find the truth about her abduction and her mother’s killing.


However, when Clara is on the road, she’s faced with a new threat when two armed men on a bike fire gunshots at her, only to be saved by her foster father, who finally shows his face.

'The Red Shadow' airs on Sundance TV on Thursdays. 

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