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'Summer House' Season 5 Full Cast List: Meet Carl Radke, Kyle Cooke, Hannah Brenner and the rest on Bravo's reality show

'Summer House' Season 5 will star a new cast member who will surely stir the pot
Ciara Miller, Luke Gulbranson, Paige DeSorbo, Danielle Olivera, Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Hannah Berner, Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula (Bravo)
Ciara Miller, Luke Gulbranson, Paige DeSorbo, Danielle Olivera, Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Hannah Berner, Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula (Bravo)

'Summer House' never ceases to serve the drama. The Bravo show prides itself on a format that is nothing short of a gift that keeps giving. When you bunch up a group of adults under one roof, what do you get? Boatloads of gossip.

This season is going to get wilder because new people are joining the cast, which means more pot-stirring. Read on, if you want to more about what we can expect from Season 5. 

Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard (Bravo)

She had a tough year. 2020 was terrible for most of us but Lindsay had reached a point where she losing her best friend and boyfriend all at the same time. She was involved in a fling with BFF Carl Radke that shocked the group to its core.

While most were still processing the fact that they could be thinking of taking such a step, the now ex-couple had grown intimate with each other. But the chemistry fell flat and soon and they knew it was time to part ways. This season she is ready to settle down more than ever but will it be with Stephen Traversie? Only time will tell. 

Carl Radke

Carl Radke (Bravo)

This boy is coming from a dark place. He had "hit the bottle", went to therapy and dealt with his brother Curtis' death — all in a year plus the pandemic. Clearly, he is bringing the baggage.

The viewers can expect a lot of honest confessions from Carl, who claims to have partially recovered from the issues he experienced since Season 4 ended. He runs the Sales and Business Development for Loverboy and is currently more invested in getting the brand where the group had collectively envisioned it to be. 

Hannah Brenner

Hannah Brenner (Bravo)

She and Luke Gulbranson had a fling last summer. Even though they went back to their lives without making promises of hanging on to each other, Hannah hopes to reignite that spark that made her and Luke an item of sorts. But she has a major surprise in store. Apart from having fun with friends and hanging out with Paige DeSorbo, she hosts tons of podcasts and has earned herself quite a name for being a flawless host. 

Luke Gulbranson

Luke Gulbranson (Bravo)

He is bringing Ciara Miller to the Hamptons' house. They are going to be the new roommates. The question now is: How long will they stay friends? And if they don't, how will this new-found relationship-friendship impact what Luke has with Hannah? All questions will be answered this week. 

Ciara Miller

Ciara Miller (Bravo)

An ICU nurse and a part-time model, Ciara brings a lot more than just a party-goer attitude to the house. She is confident, strong and a very interesting addition to the regular cast. We'll see how her stint on the show goes.

Amanda Batula

Amanda Batula (Bravo)

She may have taken the business aspect slow last season but this year all seem to have changed. She is more focused than ever to help Loverboy establish itself as a go-to sparkling hard tea brand. Her equation with partner Kyle Cooke has changed too and for the better.

Kyle Cooke

Kyle Cooke (Bravo)

He's marrying Amanda this season. Covid-19 pushed their initial dates but they cannot seem to wait any longer. The wedding planning will form an interesting part of both his and Amanda's storylines.

Paige DeSorbo

Paige DeSorbo (Bravo)

Off the show, Paige broke up with boyfriend Perry Rahbar. But on it, she will be seen contemplating how to go about her relationship and that is what will exactly frame her narrative. Obviously, since she and Hannah are so close and they share everything with each other, Paige will often resort to her advice on the matter. Will it help her decide or throw her off track? Only time will tell.

Danielle Olivera

Danielle Olivera (Bravo)

She is returning full-time this season. Viewers can expect to see a lot of work-related drama from her. This aside, she will also be focusing on getting her love life straight after meeting with a potential suitor. 

Catch all the new episodes of 'Summer House' Season 5 on Bravo when it premieres on Thursday, February 4, at 9/8c. For more information, check your local listings.