Where is Jordan Verroi now? 'Summer House' star created drama with wild sex stories, reportedly got fired

Jordan made cast members uncomfortable with his wild sex stories, some of which were not true apparently

                            Where is Jordan Verroi now? 'Summer House' star created drama with wild sex stories, reportedly got fired
Jordan Verroi poses on the Voting Bus as Betches X New Balance Run To The Polls on November 06, 2018 in New York City (Getty Images)

Demotion is not unheard of. Showrunners usually bring back cast regulars as friends when they know that a certain star is not producing enough juice to their narratives.

While Jordan Verroi's introductory season (in Season 3) was explosive, he couldn't continue with the good run because, before he knew it, his strategies backfired and fellow castmates at the Hamptons' house were left stirred rather than entertained. He managed to make most people uncomfortable. Jordan shared wild sex stories, some of which were so outlandish that it left fellow reality stars wondering if any of what he had said held any truth.


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Was he fired or did he decide to leave?



Jordan had the most talked-about and controversial exit. While the exact reason is not known to everyone, from the looks of it, he left the scene voluntarily, a source told TMZ that he had heard showrunners contemplating about letting him go and that was when he made that tough call.

Jordan left three weeks early. Apparently, he was feuding with the network for demoting him and bringing him back only in a friend role in Season 4. 

"I think that it was the right decision because it would've just been the same thing over and over again," Hannah Berner, one of the cast member, said in one of her post-show interviews with Bravo.

In his defense, there was a lot going on on the personal front, which made him a bit "aggressive". Roughly two years ago, in a tell-all interview with Hollywood Life, he addressed the issues that possibly made him one of the least likable cast members on the show.

"The way the summer played out, unfortunately, you guys don’t get to see the reason why I was stressed out so much — finding out that my dad had cancer and that my grandmother and my grandfather were sick," he said and added that he was working too while filming, which took a toll. 

Is Jordan gay?



His stint on the show brought him quite a bit of grief. Not only did he get cornered in the house but also when outside. Jordan was slammed online, some even called him gay. But he took all of those remarks in his stride and told the publication that he was confident about who he was and didn't "care" what people thought of him.

“I have no regrets,” he had said.

What is he doing now?



He is focussing on getting his company CapGenius to reach newer heights. That apart, he seems to be using the lockdown time to spend with family and friends.

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