'Suicide Squad': Demand for David Ayer's cut of the film grows loud, but some fans think it's unnecessary

'I feel we didn't get Leto's full performance,' said a fan

                            'Suicide Squad': Demand for David Ayer's cut of the film grows loud, but some fans think it's unnecessary
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For three years, there was much hullabaloo about Zack Snyder's 'cut' of 'Justice League'. Fans campaigned relentlessly for the film to be released, and the blood, sweat and Twitter tears paid off as it was announced two days ago that the 'Snyder Cut' will be released on HBO Max in 2021. Now, fans are amping the hype for David Ayer's cut of 'Suicide Squad', a film that had been trashed miserably back in 2016.

Written and directed by David Ayer, 'Suicide Squad' tells the tale of a team of villains, who are recruited by the government to save the world from threats. The film was panned by critics and fans alike, and after its release, reports began to surface that due to studio interference and forced cuts, many crucial scenes did not make it to the film. Fans began to demand the 'Ayer Cut', just not as ferociously as they did for the 'Snyder Cut' of 'Justice League', which released in 2017.  

After the announcement of the 'Snyder Cut', Ayer had responded to a fan's query saying, "It is simply not my call or my IP. I love WB - it’s always been my ‘home studio’ I fully respect and support the incredible path the DCU is taking under their stewardship. My cut of Suicide Squad may always be just a rumor. And that’s just fine."

In an earlier interview he told Collider, "We have a chunk, there’s definitely over 10 minutes of material on there. But this cut of the movie is my cut, there’s no sort of parallel universe version of the movie, the released movie is my cut. And that’s one of the toughest things about writing, shooting, and directing a film, is you end up with these orphans and you f---ing love them and you think they’d be amazing scenes and do these amazing things but the film is a dictatorship, not a democracy, and just because something’s cool and charismatic doesn’t mean it gets to survive in the final cut. The flow of the movie is the highest master.”

Fans seem divided on whether the 'Ayer Cut' should be released or not. "I know it's too soon.. And one thing at a time. But as a business standpoint. Suicide squad Ayercut is another gold mine that WB has with them. Maybe in future @hbomax @ATTCan access this gold mine," a fan tweeted.

Fans say that Jared Leto's performance as the Joker was cut short in 'Suicide Squad'. "I kinda rather see the Suicide [email protected] cut then the Justice League Snyder cut. I feel we didn't get Leto's full performance. I hope Ayer does a more scaled back superhero flick where creativity pushes the film vs money," a fan tweeted.

Others say James Gunn is already making a 'Suicide Squad', so this move is wholly unnecessary. "Also James Gunn is already making what's going to be a great Suicide Squad with his sequel so like the Ayercut is doubleplus unnecessary," a fan wrote.

"I honestly think I can live without an "Ayer Cut" of Suicide Squad. While a better version of that movie would be nice, at least SS was a movie I genuinely had fun with the first time I watched it. It's also all Ayer's movie (minus reshoots and studio interference obviously)," a fan wrote.

Another fan reasoned, "Snyder cut actually made sense because a completely new director came into the movie and flipped a 180 on everything it was intended to be. Suicide Squad is David Ayer’s movie, regardless of the studio interference that comes with every big CBM."

A fan squashed the idea completely, "The Ayer cut doesn’t even exist as far as we know. And Ayer is the most bland director imaginable with no creative vision, and I imagine his Suicide Squad cut would still be awful like the theatrical. We already have Birds Of Prey, and that was good. Let the “Ayer cut” burn."

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