Suge Knight's son says claims he has footage that Tupac is alive and living in Malaysia

Suge Knight's son says claims he has footage that Tupac is alive and living in Malaysia

A bizarre series of Instagram posts by the son of Death Row Records owner Marion Suge Knight has reignited the debate over what actually happened to Tupac Shakur. Death Row Records was Tupac's record label and Marion was with the rapper hours before he was fatally shot in 1996.

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Updated video from Malaysia source #killuminati

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Tupac's unsolved murder is till date one of music's most long-lasting unsolved mysteries and there are rampant rumors that he may not have died at all. Now, the son of the rapper's label chief has added to the pile of already existing conspiracies.


In a number of bizarre Instagram posts, Suge J Knight states that Tupac is apparently alive and living in Malaysia. It all started with a simple message that said 'Tupac is alive' all in black text. 


Right after that, he shared another screenshot of an argument he had via text message with an anonymous source who apparently told him, “You said [too] much. Time for you to go." To which he responded, "The truth will be out and I'm not going anywhere." he responded.

It didn't stop there, he later added pictures that show an older version of Tupac along with 50 Cent and Beyonce as evidence for his previous statements. He also mentions the Illuminati in some of the other ridiculous claims and made it known that he is not on drugs. 

In the picture he shared with Beyoncé, he included the caption that said, "He never left us. They’ll be after me soon smh." All this is definitely a strange series of stories, especially if one considers his fathers' relationship with Tupac.


The 'Dear Mama' emcee was mysteriously gunned down in a drive-by shooting that happened on the streets of Las Vegas on September 7, 1996. And more than 21 years later, in September 2017, an LAPD source involved in the investigation told PEOPLE that the attack was initiated due to “gang retaliation” against the senior Knight.

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