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'PUT IT BACK' memes trend as Ever Given refloats after being stuck in Egypt's Suez Canal for six days

People 'want to see chaos unfold', as they blame Aquaman for freeing stuck mega container, which gave them an 'unproblematic thing to bond over'
UPDATED MAR 29, 2021
Netizens have been creating and sharing a number of memes since the container ship, the Ever Given, got stuck in the Suez Canal (Getty Images)
Netizens have been creating and sharing a number of memes since the container ship, the Ever Given, got stuck in the Suez Canal (Getty Images)

Six long and taxing days after the Ever Given, a mega container ship that got stuck in Egypt’s Suez Canal, was successfully re-floated on Sunday. Some people wish it could be put back after the situation created a flurry of memes.

'Put it back' began to trend on Twitter as netizens shared their disappointment with the Ever Given now moving, after almost a week of failed attempts by dredgers, tugboats and a backhoe, salvage teams finally freed the cargo ship wedged the canal, which caused a buildup of over two hundred ships and led to losses worth millions of dollars to shipping companies and damage to world trade.


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Ships and boats are seen at the entrance of the Suez Canal on March 29, 2021, in Suez, Egypt (Getty Images)

'Highlight of my life'

"Put it back, it was a highlight of my life," quipped a netizen. "THERE WAS SOMETHING DEEPLY COMFORTING ABOUT THE BOAT BEING STUCK AND I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF THEY COULD PUT IT BACK," said another tweet. "I like how they finally managed to get that ship unstuck but everyone's like "I haven't had enough Schadenfreude yet, PUT IT BACK", said another.

"I think we can collectively agree that the boat being stuck felt like something we all needed, and if they're not going to put it back they should at least give us another unproblematic thing to bond over," said a tweet.





'Suez Canal themed merch'

"We all kinda want the ship back. My son was like now look there is no bridge. And I think that’s legit. Put it back. #putitback," said a netizen.

Another user shared their disappointment, saying they had started their own 'Suez Canal themed merch', and were trying to cash in on the incident. "Put the boat back please god I just spent all my stimulus money to kickstart my stuck boat suez canal themed merch and now it wouldn't make sense to sell it please for the love of god put it back so I know I haven't squandered all my money," they said. However, they clarified in a later post that they didn't sell merchandise after all.



'Wanted to see chaos unfold'

Some people truly enjoy watching the world burn. "This was genuinely so funny please put it back in the canal I wanted to see chaos unfold," said a netizen, while another said sadly, "I wanted it to sink". "What I'm hearing is that people would like to put it back. Just for a little while," said a tweet.

"Captain in Suez Canal: we are almost there. We are almost free. People in twitter yelling "PUT IT BACK" because the meme will be dead as soon the ship starts sailing again," noted a Twitter user.





'Capitalism finds a way to prevail'

"evergreen: stuck in Suez Canal for days, stopping global seafaring trade and costing billions twitter: PUT IT BACK WE NOT READY FOR THIS YET," said a tweet. Others shared memes with captions like, "me begging to god for the boat to stay stuck but then capitalism finds a way to prevail pls just put it back :(((("

Another Twitter user explained: "NO. we have hard a terrible fucking year. most news stories make us want to jump off the nearest bridge. corporations get richer as we struggle to survive, so many of fights have amounted to nothing, and then.. a hero. put it back!! evergreen belongs there!!"




Aquaman blamed

Many blamed superhero Aquaman too, since 'Aquaman 2' had also been trending on the social networking site. "Well f**k you Aquaman for freeing the boat. You need to PUT IT BACK like the people WANT," said a tweet.

Popular satirical Twitter handle Random Snake Facts casually caught on to the hype and said what's what, as they tweeted: "#EVERGIVEN is unstuck. Now, people are saying PUT IT BACK because people are stupid. So, whatever. Have some snakes. Northern water snakes are found in northern states in the USA and are non-venomous. They get large and can be intimidating and mistaken for venomous."