‘Succession’ Season 4 Episode 7: What to expect from the Roy siblings?

‘Succession’ Season 4 Episode 7: What to expect from the Roy siblings?
Kieran Culkin & Jeremy Strong as Roman and Kendall Roy in 'Succession' (Instagram/@succession)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: In the third season of ‘Succession,’ Kendall organizes a humongous party for his birthday. The name of that episode is ‘Too much birthday’ and Kendall says a line that has major bearing in the upcoming episode. Questioning the playlist of the DJ in that episode, Kendall tells Comfry, his assistant, that he wanted the DJ to play ‘All bangers, all the time.’ Given Kendall’s recent tryst with power as CEO in the sixth episode of the final season where he delivers an All-Star presentation on Investor Day, one can be assured that Kendall is about to spit ‘All bangers, all the time’ in the remaining part of the ultimate season.

‘Succession’ is slowly moving into a territory of immense chaos where all the characters look to stand their ground and tie themselves to the roots so that when the storm comes, they aren’t washed or blown away. And the storm is coming as Lukas Matsson, who is throwing big money to buy Waystar, doesn’t feel the need to back away from buying Logan Roy’s legacy. He wants it at all costs and has started to lure Shiv Roy to the dirty work of informing on her brothers for him. Unfortunately, as it stands, Kendall and Roman do not want to sell the company. With every Roy sibling fighting hard to make his/her way, what can we expect from them in the seventh episode of the final season? 


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Kendall Roy now appears to be a solo artist   

Up until episode five, Kendall Roy was all about brotherhood and sisterhood. He was looking out and teaming up spectacularly with Roman and keeping Shiv in the loop in the best way he could. This was the feeling during the first half of the sixth episode as well, but when Roman backed out of delivering the ‘Living+’ presentation with him, Kendall raked up the courage, left all his demons of poor self-confidence behind, and came over the idea that defined him as a neurotic man who would buckle under pressure. Kendall gave an enlightening presentation, showcasing renewed courage, and won over the senior management of the company. For now, he dares to go forth alone but knowing Kendall, he would surely not keep out his brother Roman and his sister, Shiv.

In a teaser released by HBO for the seventh episode, Kendall seems to be hosting a party to celebrate the successful product launch of ‘Living+’. Matsson comes in unannounced and Kendall breaks away, trying to make the better of the situation as he asks Shiv to stay close to Matsson, to trail him, and enlist Roman’s help once again. This goes to show that he still wants to be a full-fledged band and not a solo artist who plays all the notes by himself, just like Logan did.


Roman and Shiv to fight for their individuality

Roman Roy has played himself in the latest episode of ‘Succession.’ All was well for him and it could have been better if he was on stage with Kendall, giving the presentation, but he chose not to because Shiv was smart enough to sway him away from Kendall. It appears that Roman will have to build his rapport again with the senior management, especially Gerri, who he inadvertently fired and who went straight to Kendall, asking him to re-hire her. Roman was in the spotlight for most of the episode and would have been till the end if he would have just stayed with Kendall. But for now, he needs to do something incendiary, something brave to turn the spotlight right back on him. 

Shiv is playing as per Matsson’s rules mostly, trying to sway him in her favor after being ousted from a role in the company like her brothers. She’s also keen on rekindling her bond with her husband Tom, whom she kept at bay for most of her life. Among all the three siblings, Shiv’s way to the top feels the hardest, and the only girl child of Logan Roy will have to outperform or outsmart her brothers to gain control of the company. Her plot right now is to stay close to Matsson, make the deal go through, and then deal with the rest.  


'Succession' releases new episodes Sundays at 9 pm ET on HBO and HBO Max.

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 ‘Succession’ Season 4 Episode 7: What to expect from the Roy siblings?