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'Succession' Season 3 finale Ending Explained: It's Logan vs his kids in Season 4

At this moment, it can be safely assumed that Tom and Greg are on the same side and have merged with Logan because they knew the old dog wouldn't lose
UPDATED DEC 13, 2021
Brian Cox as Logan Roy in 'Succession' Season 3 (HBO)
Brian Cox as Logan Roy in 'Succession' Season 3 (HBO)

Spoilers for 'Succession' Season 3 Episode 9 'All the Bells Say'

Much of the action happens in the final 15 minutes of 'Succession' Season 3 finale. Just to quickly recap, GoJo buys Waystar with Logan cashing out. Roman and Shiv team up, pull Kendall to their side and head off determined to stop the deal from being penciled. The only weapon on their side: They will be needed to approve of the deal with their shares of the holding company they received from their father's divorce. Shiv is ready to push Logan out of the picture and although Roman disapproves, he knows deep down it was the logical move.

The only setback was when Shiv calls Tom and tells him about the power move, however, the son-in-law clues Logan in who calls his ex-wife Caroline and revises the divorce deal that takes the only bullet in the chamber for the Roy kids. The father still prefers to rope Roman in who refuses and pleads with his dad to reconsider. When he asks why the reply comes straight as an arrow. "Why? Because it works. I f**king win." A devastated Roman makes a plea to Gerri only for it to fail. As Logan leaves, he sees Tom and pats him on the shoulder.

Tom gives Shiv a comforting kiss on the forehead, but it does appear the damage is done.

'Succession' Season 3 Ending Explained

It does appear that Tom is the one who changed the tide of war. We can only speculate if Season 4 will all be about Logan vs the united kids — Roman, Shiv, and Kendall. At this moment, it can be safely assumed that Tom and Greg are on the same side and have merged with Logan because they know the old dog wouldn't lose. Connor's position remains uncertain, but at this stage, he would be happy to side with Logan as it helps his political aspirations and he can ascend that ladder with GoJo-Waystar backing him to the hilt. 

There's no reason to also believe that some of the Roy siblings just might consider siding with the father. Kendall just might opt out of this whole battle. He admits that his life is in shambles and he wants to stay away from it all. Roman and Shiv might be seen working together to take Logan down and a slight spark or argument (which shouldn't come as a surprise) will pretty much divide the two. Season 3 throws the floor open to ample theories about the future of the Roy children. Also Tom and Shiv's relationship is kaput for all we know.

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