Brooklyn subway slasher cuts woman in the face with razor, punches another in unprovoked attacks before fleeing

Brooklyn subway slasher cuts woman in the face with razor, punches another in unprovoked attacks before fleeing
An unidentified man punched one woman and cut open the other's cheek in a Brooklyn subway station (DCPI NYPD)

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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK CITY: In two separate unprovoked attacks at a Brooklyn subway station, a man slashed a 30-year-old woman in the face and punched a 47-year-old woman on Wednesday, September 21, according to the NYPD. The suspect is still at large. 

The attacks happened during the evening rush hour inside the Atlantic Avenue-Barclay's Center station in Downtown Brooklyn, said police. The attacker suddenly appeared shortly before 6 pm with a razor in his hand when the first victim was waiting for the No. 5 train to Manhattan. The man cut the woman's left cheek open with the razor as he attacked her at the station out of the blue. Later on, he continued his violent actions when he punched another woman, 47, in the face. The slasher then rushed upstairs to the station's mezzanine level and then fled, according to police.


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Police have called for the public's assistance in identifying and apprehending the culprit after releasing CCTV footage of him. He was wearing a black shirt and black jeans and was described as being a Black male in his 40s with dreadlocks. Both the victims are being treated for their wounds in different hospitals after the attack. The woman who had been cut was taken by ambulance to Brookdale University Hospital where her status was classified as stable following treatment. The victim of the face punch was transported with only a minor injury to New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. The assailant is suspected to be dangerous so police have warned New Yorkers not to engage with him and contact emergency services immediately to share any vital information regarding him.

In a recent tweet from the NYPD, the force has emphasized the importance of safety on the subway as they strive to reduce crime with efficient patrols. “As the lifeblood of our city, NYC’s transit system must be reliable – and it must be safe. As @MTA ridership increases, people put their trust in the NYPD. And now, through focused deployments and efficient patrols, subway crime is below pre-pandemic levels,” the tweet read.

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