Man crawls under badly burnt car to rescue terrified cat trapped beneath during California wildfires

Cinematographer Douglas Thron captured the moment Shannon Jay rescued a cat trapped under a car. Jay has saved numerous cats following the devastating wildfires in California

                            Man crawls under badly burnt car to rescue terrified cat trapped beneath during California wildfires

Following the deadly California wildfire, a man rescued a terrified cat trapped under a car, with a cinematographer capturing the heartening moment it was saved.

Shannon Jay and Douglas Thron approached a burned-out truck in Paradise, where Camp Fire had decimated the small town, and heard a cat meowing. Watching from a few feet away, Thron captured the scene on video as Jay prepared to identify the trapped feline's exact location, Daily Mail reports.


As the meowing grew louder, Jay got on the ground and took a peek under the truck. The charcoal grey cat was sitting underneath, scared. "Hey sweetie, there you are," Jay calmly said to the embattled animal.

As the helpless cat was stuck between parts of the truck, Thron was able to get a complete glimpse of the helpless animal. "She's really weak," Jay told him. Immediately after, Jay was seen jacking the truck up on one side in order to get a clearer view of the injured cat. He then jumped inside and grabbed her, pulling her out carefully and placing her inside a pet carrier with finesse.


Camp Fire resulted in thousands of animals going missing and "urgently needing rescuing", Thron said. While the cat survived the devastating ordeal and is doing well, Jay is still out in the burn area and continues to save countless more cats.

Officials reported late Saturday that while the blaze is almost fully under control, the death toll in northern California's Camp Fire has risen to 87. According to Cal Fire's latest bulletin, the fire was 98 percent contained. About 249 people still remain unaccounted for, according to the office of the Butte County Sheriff. However, the number is a steep decline from the 474 missing reported earlier in the day. That said, only 54 of the fatalities have been identified as yet.


Camp Fire, California's deadliest and most destructive fire to date, torched more than 153,000 acres of forest as well as commercial land, destroyed over 14,000 homes along with hundreds of other structures. In the past few days, the rain that soaked the Butte County area helped douse the remaining flames.

However, it also made it harder for rescue teams to search for missing bodies. The Sheriff's office warned that "areas experiencing significant rainfall following a wildfire are at risk for debris flow and flash flooding." According to Cal Fire, the remaining uncontained fire is "is isolated in steep and rugged terrain where it is unsafe for firefighters to access due to the heavy rains."

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