'Stumptown' Episode 10: Dex and Miles may have a parched relationship, but that doesn't stop him from having hope

'Stumptown' Episode 10: Dex and Miles may have a parched relationship, but that doesn't stop him from having hope
Dex and Miles (ABC)

There has never been a dearth of romance on 'Stumptown' although the majority of it was short-lived. Dex (Cobie Smulders), Miles (Michael Ealy) and Grey's (Jake Johnson) love triangle has been persistent throughout the series, teasing us with plenty of possibilities. 

In the previous episode of 'Stumptown', Grey calls it quits with Liz, after learning about her insecurities surrounding Dex and the plan she pulled off to enable Grey’s distrust of his best friend.

In the same episode, we also see Mills try his luck in getting back with Dex. 'Reality Checks Don't Matter' picks off where it ended in the previous episode before the drama series took off on the mid-season break.

It is revealed that Dex turns Miles down when he tries to rekindle their relationship, stating that she wants to do this on her own. 

Obviously, Dex's rejection of Miles hasn't gone down well with the police officer. When she approaches him to help her with her latest investigation, Mills subtly throws shade at her for not giving their relationship another chance. 

While Dex seems sorted, Miles is seen telling Grey that she is a "strange bird" who can't be forgotten easily. This clearly establishes Mills' feelings for Dex, although it feels desiccated from her end. 

Even when Grey tries to make Miles understand from his own experience with Dex, saying how she dances to her tunes, Mills still seems to be holding tightly onto strands of hope. 

We can sympathize with Miles to a certain level considering his on and off relationship with Dex. There have been instances when she led him on for personal reasons. 

It doesn't end with that. Once, Dex even went to the extent of inquiring about the whereabouts of a lady who was spotted with Miles, despite him introducing her to Dex as his acquaintance. 

Had Dex's feelings for Miles remained distinct, like, in the case of Grey, it would have been easier for him to not pay heed to the PI’s ever-changing opinion of their relationship. 

Will Miles take Grey's advice and stay away from Dex for good? Or, will his desires draw him back to her? 'Stumptown' airs on ABC on Wednesdays.


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