Woman kills herself months after finding out her boyfriend was flirting with another woman on Facebook

The Bradford Coroner's Court heard about the details leading up to the death of Emily Elliot, including her break-up with boyfriend Shay Doyle.

                            Woman kills herself months after finding out her boyfriend was flirting with another woman on Facebook
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A university student, 23, killed herself just months after breaking up with her boyfriend and being "extremely distressed" over him messaging another girl on Facebook, a court has heard.

Emily Elliot had started a relationship with Shay Doyle after meeting him at Huddersfield University, West Yorkshire, where they were both studying, according to the Examiner. However, the pair broke up in February 2019 when she discovered he had been texting another girl, a few months later, she killed herself in her bedroom.

Speaking at the Bradford Coroner's Court, where Elliot's father, mother, and two brothers were present, Doyle explained that he and the victim had initially been friends before they started dating each other.

"After eight-to-nine months there was flirting and getting a bit closer to one another," he told assistant coroner John Broadbridge. "I would say we had a good relationship though we had the odd argument like any other couple."

Doyle, from Wilmslow, Cheshire, said they broke up after he was found to be texting another girl on Facebook and agreed when Broadbridge asked if he could accept she was "extremely distressed when she found out about this relationship and, to say the least, reacted badly."

He went to say that they blocked each other on social media after their break-up, but eventually got back together at the end of March and even talked about having children together.

However, by June 27, she was no longer responding to his messages, he said, adding that he texted one of her best friends Kimberly Knight to ask about her.

Knight reportedly told him she had received "some weird messages" from her, prompting him to jump on a train the next day to go see her at her Huddersfield home, which she shared with her father.

He broke down in tears as he explained how he opened her bedroom door and found her unresponsive, and screamed for help, dialed 999, and tried to perform CPR on her before paramedics reached the scene.

When asked if there was "any clue in those few days that she was desperate, that she might harm herself," Doyle replied in the negative.

The court heard that Elliot was "a very attractive, sociable young woman who had lots of friends and worked in bars and clubs" but had a history of mental health problems, was a heavy drinker, and had made previous attempts on her life.

Concluding that she had taken her life, Broadbridge said, "What happened in that room happened because of what Miss Elliott made happen. There's no note or explanation of her intentions."

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