DEADLY NIGHT OUT: Naked 20-year-old girl, high on spiked drink, leaps out of bedroom window fracturing her skull

Alix Taylor fractured her skull after she plunged head-first from her Glasgow City Center flat after she consumed a spiked drink on Tuesday last week

                            DEADLY NIGHT OUT: Naked 20-year-old girl, high on spiked drink, leaps out of bedroom window fracturing her skull

A student reportedly suffered from a horrific head injury after she jumped naked from her flat window, as per The Sun. According to reports, the student, identified as Alix Taylor, went through the shocking ordeal after her drink was allegedly spiked on her night out during Freshers' Week.

Reports stated that Taylor suffered a fracture to the skull after she plunged head-first from her Glasgow City Center flat on Tuesday last week. The Glasgow Caledonian University fashion student was out drinking with friends at a club when she suddenly became 'emotional' and decided to head home.


Once home, Taylor's flatmate helped her get into bed, but an hour later, she was spotted standing on her window ledge naked and screaming. A couple of passersby, who thought Taylor was trying to escape from some kind of a sex attack, informed the cops immediately. It was moments later that Taylor jumped from her window on to the ground, severely injuring her skull before being rushed to the hospital.

Her sister, Ellie Taylor, spoke out about her sister's harrowing experience and even took to social media to warn teens heading out this week as Freshers continues. In her Facebook post, Ellie described how her sister had been on a night out to Glasgow Nightclub Kushion, where one of their friends had earlier left the club violently sick after consuming a spiked drink.


Ellie said: "Alix went to Kushion in Glasgow with her friends on Tuesday night when one of the boys in her group became violently sick and appeared to have been spiked. As this was happening, my sister left the club visibly drunk and crying as a guy who had bought her a drink was being extremely creepy/aggressive towards her."

"Alix didn't remember getting home, but her flatmate comforted her and put her to bed, where it looked like she was falling asleep. Fast forward about an hour, and two passersby heard a woman's frantic screams for help." 


She added, "They rushed round to see Alix completely naked balancing outside on her window sill. She was completely terrified of whatever was inside the window, and she clearly felt that the first floor window was her only escape. The passersby assumed it was a sex attack she was trying to escape from and rang emergency services while trying to climb up to help her."

"Unfortunately, whatever was inside was too much and Alix either jumped or fell from the window and landed head first on the concrete, fracturing her skull and causing major bleeding inside her head - blood was coming out her ears." Ellie also said the family believed Taylor had been spiked and was hallucinating as a result of that.

She said: "We have pieced together that Alix was hallucinating, possibly thinking her room was full of bugs. Alix can't remember anything after leaving the club. Due to the fact that another in the group was spiked - and how suddenly intoxicated she was, her strange behavior (being upset), and what happened to her back at home, we completely believed her drink had been spiked."


Now, the two young girls are urging other teenagers to be a little more careful and responsible while out, especially during Freshers' Week. Ellie said: "We are sharing this story to urge you to be careful with your drinks in clubs, and not only that, if you suspect someone in your group may have been spiked, sleep in the same room as them and don't leave them!"

"Alix has been out of critical care for several days and is in a normal ward for now - she's expected to make a full recovery. She has been extremely lucky, we could easily be planning her funeral just now."

Taylor's mother, Veronica Taylor, said that there needs to be a little more awareness on spiked drinks in clubs, also revealing that the family's main concern right now is to get Alix well again.