'Strip Down, Rise Up': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix docu on women empowerment

This is the first time Netflix is screening a documentary of this genre, which sees women of different ages and ethnicities celebrate their bodies

                            'Strip Down, Rise Up': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix docu on women empowerment
The documentary ‘Strip Down, Rise Up’ releases on Friday, February 5, 2021 (Netflix)

The upcoming Netflix documentary ‘Strip Down, Rise Up’ is all set to premiere on Netflix this week. This is the first time Netflix is screening a show of this genre - which celebrates women of different ages and ethnicities learn to celebrate their bodies. Through the sensual art of pole dancing, the women navigate through their inner struggles and learn to overcome their past traumas and fears. 

Directed by Academy-Award nominated documentary filmmaker Michèle Ohayon, ‘Strip Down, Rise Up’ has women empowerment as its core message. “My film gives a voice to a diverse group of women, their power, their pain, their reclamation, their raw beauty, and offers a much-needed positive message of women stripping down shame and taking ownership of their sensual, feminine being in order to rise,” she said in a conversation with People. 

Director Michele Ohayon (Getty Images)


Who is Michèle Ohayon? Meet Oscar-nominated director of 'Strip Down, Rise Up', the Netflix docu on pole dancing

Release Date

The documentary ‘Strip Down, Rise Up’ will release on Friday, February 5, 2021.


The documentary follows the journey of several women of various ages who hail from diverse ethnic backgrounds. While the film starts with the women enrolling in the pole dance training to rediscover their sensual side, it proceeds to reveal something much deeper and serious. 

The women reveal their struggles with body image issues, abuse, and trauma and through the unusual art of pole dancing, end up celebrating their uniqueness and womanhood. 

Strip Down, Rise Up poster (IMDb)


Sheila Kelley

Sheila Kelley (Instagram: @sheilakelleys)


Actress Sheila Kelley is well-known for her roles on TV series like ‘L.A. Law’, ‘ER’, ‘The Sopranos’, ‘The Good Doctor’ and ‘Sisters’. She has also appeared in films like ‘Singles’, ‘Matchstick Men’, ‘Nurse Betty’ and ‘One Fine Day’. For starring in the film ‘Dancing at the Blue Iguana’, Kelly learned how to striptease and pole dance, She took an avid interest in the craft, and combined it with her knowledge of ballet and exotic dancing to design a dance fitness workout for women - called ‘S Factor.’

Kelly is the pole dance trainer featured in the documentary. 

Jenyne Butterfly

Jenyne Butterfly (jenynebutterfly.com)


Butterfly is an actress and a trained expert of aerial dancing pole dancing. Before ‘Strip Down, Rise Up’, she also starred in the 2012 musical ‘Rock of Ages’. 

Elizabeth Mihelich

Elizabeth Mihelich (IMDb)


Mihelich is a producer and actress who starred in ‘After Emma’, ‘Always Remember Me’ and ‘It Happened Again Last Night’. 


The documentary is directed by Michèle Ohayon, whose 1997 documentary ‘Colors Straight Up’ earned a nomination for Academy Awards. 


Watch the official trailer of ‘Strip Down, Rise Up’ on Netflix

Where to watch

You can watch the documentary on Netflix after it drops on February 5. 



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