Strictly Come Dancing's Karen Clifton breaks down crying after performing with estranged husband Kevin

Dancing with an ex in a roomful of people right when they were going through such a raw period in their lives, Karen and Kevin let their emotions flow freely.

                            Strictly Come Dancing's Karen Clifton breaks down crying after performing with estranged husband Kevin
Karen and Kevin Clifton (Getty Images)

Karen and Kevin Clifton have been going on with their dance tour but things seem to get emotional between the two following their split which they announced at the beginning of this year. However, little did they know that they would be overwhelmed by emotions after their power-packed performance in Kent on Wednesday night. The couple struggled to maintain their composure after they finished their dance routine. 

Especially Karen, who burst out in tears in front of the crowd after the two stood together. Standing at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury the pair looked stronger and closer than ever even though they made the decision of ending their three-year-long marriage. Wearing a red dress Karen looked her best and the crowd could not stop themselves from cheering for the pair. 

As she stood there she quickly leaned-into Kevin's arms and burst out crying. Kevin stood by her with all his support and wrapped his arms around her waist as a sign of reassurance. Looking at the love which still seems to be there between the couple, the fans have been hoping that the two would call off their divorce. As reported by Mirror, Karen has said in the past that she would be fine with Kevin dating in the future. 


Karen and Kevin announced their split at the beginning of the year (Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images)

In 2016, Kevin was linked with celeb partner Louise Redknapp and the two enjoyed a close friendship. Meanwhile, Karen was inked with accountant Stuart Wood. However, the pair dismissed the rumors. Speaking to The Sun, Karen had admitted that she hasn't totally ruled out the option of working things out between her and Kevin. She added that she believed some things can be worked out in time. 


“It’s easier to hide than be open about things, but nothing has to crumble right away, sometimes people need time to heal and reflect what it is we need to do," she said. "Anything can happen." However, if there comes a situation where Kevin falls in love with someone else, Karen said she would be supportive of him no matter what.  "I'd be OK if Kevin started dating. It's one of those things where if he's happy, I'm happy," she said in the interview. 

Karen believes that one must always look for positive relationships and make sure that the negativity does not arrive in the picture. "You don't need to have drama, you don't need any negativity and you just need the same mindset and the same goal," she said at that time. While several reports have claimed that the pair decided to split due to cheating, the couple has insisted that it is not so.