Stray Kids deliver emotional, brilliant one-take performance of Japanese track 'Slump' on 'The First Take'

The performance marks a special comeback for the series with the band recording the performance remotely from Seoul

                            Stray Kids deliver emotional, brilliant one-take performance of Japanese track 'Slump' on 'The First Take'
Stray Kids (Getty Images)

K-pop group Stray Kids delivered a flawless one-take performance of their Japanese track 'Slump' via Japanese YouTube channel The First Take's self-titled original series.

'The First Take' is a series dedicated to filming performances by musicians and singers in a completely white room in a single take. The series makes a special come back this time around to present a performance from Stray Kids as part of its 43rd episode. While the series has featured a wide array of stunning performances over its run, this marks the first time in its history where it has gotten Tokyo and Seoul to join forces in the form of a breath-taking one-take performance of Stary Kids' Japanese version of their track 'Slump'.

Stray Kids have been making huge strides worldwide since their debut via JYP Entertainment in 2018 following their stint on the survival reality program 'Stray Kids' in 2017, with their debut album 'I am NOT' skyrocketing to #1 on the iTunes Album Chart in 10 areas around the world. The album, which featured songs written and produced entirely by the group themselves, demonstrated the group's range of skills right off the bat and earned them 11 new artist awards in 2019. With several sold-out shows following, the group established themselves as an internationally recognized act, further solidifying their status with their first headline show in Japan being held at the Pacifico Yokohama National Convention Hall in September 2019. The group made their official Japanese debut on March 18 with their best-of album, 'SKZ2020'.

Boy band Stray Kids perform on stage during the 9th Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards (Getty Images)

Following their Japanese debut, the group is now taking their performances to new heights with their appearance on The First Take. In keeping with their propensity for self-producing, the group filmed and recorded their episode for the show remotely in Korea, which is a very first for 'The First Take' who have previously featured locally-filmed Japanese acts. 'Slump', the song the group performed, has been featured as the first official ending theme song to the animated television series 'Kami No Tou — Tower Of God', an adaptation of the Korean manhwa 'Sin-ui Tap'. Touching upon the theme of trials and tribulations, the track draws from the series' characters' personal experiences, all beautifully conveyed by Stray Kids' stunning vocalists and rappers.

Speaking about the experience, Stray Kids' Bang Chan shares, "We’re very honored to have been selected to perform on the comeback special. I was initially a little nervous when I heard we were to be filmed singing live in one take from start to finish but I really started to enjoy myself as I got into the song. I feel as though this new experience has helped us take another positive step forward." He adds, "It’s also made us want to work harder than ever at our art and we hope to show our strengths to a great number of people in the future to come. We hope our live performance video on The First Take will give people encouragement and the motivation to uplift themselves."

Watch Stray Kids' performance of 'Slump' at The First Take below.


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