'Stranger Things' Season 4: Writers REVEAL three shots that weren't on the script but fit just right!

'Stranger Things' Season 4: Writers REVEAL three shots that weren't on the script but fit just right!
A still from 'Stranger Things' Season Four (Netflix)

Volume two of the fourth season of 'Stranger Things' was as heart-wrenching as it could be. With some character deaths and major plot twists, we're sure you were in tears by the end of it and have already marked your calendars for the fifth season (which we think may be the last).

Recently, the writers of the show confessed that a few shots that were taken were not scripted in any way. These shots were improvised by the actors themselves and turned out to be so good that it couldn't have got any better in terms of molding the story.


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The first scene that was improvised by the actors themselves is the one with Winona Ryder and David Harbour. The plot occurs in the Soviet Union Jail where Joyce and Hopper go back to fight the Demogorgon where Joyce (Winona) asks Hopper (David) to be careful out there stating that she's not ready to hold another funeral, after which the duo shares a sweet kiss. The writer took to Twitter to let the fans know that an intimate scene that happened on screen before the fight was not a part of the official script. Winona and David added that on the day of the shoot. Well, we all loved watching that chemistry between Joyce and Hopper all the time, didn't we?


The second scene may come as a major spoiler for those of you who haven't watched the show yet. So be warned! This one happens in episode nine when Eddie is upside down being pecked by the vicious bats and battling for his life. Dustin comes to save him but it's too late and Eddie dies in Dustin's arms. During that scene, a few seconds before he takes his last breath, Eddie looks at Dustin and tells him, "I love you man." The writers stated that this scene was improvised by Joseph Quinn who played Eddie.


And the final scene is when Lucas and Max are in Vecna's attic trying to execute phase four of the plan during which Lucas gets attacked by Jason. During the struggle, Lucas calls out for help from his little sister Erica saying, “Erica, help." This again was not a part of the script and was improvised by Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair) on the spot while the shot was being taken.


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