‘Stranger Things’ books set to debut this fall will shed more light on the Upside Down

Season three of the hit Netflix show 'Stranger Things' is currently in production, and it has recently announced that the show is getting a counterpart in a series of books

                            ‘Stranger Things’ books set to debut this fall will shed more light on the Upside Down
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Season 3 of 'Stranger Things' isn't premiering until 2019 but here's a good news for fans who cannot wait to get more of Netflix's thrilling science fiction asap. 

The streaming network has partnered with publisher Penguin Random House for a series of books based on the science fiction hit exploring the story of Eleven. 

With the first two releases coming this autumn, the titles will be a behind-the-scenes companion book 'Stranger Things: World Turned Upside Down: The Official Behind-The-Scenes Companion' and there will also be a hardcover gift book for younger readers, according to Deadline. 

However, it's the third book, due next spring, that has fans raving about the series even more. 

Gwenda Bond, a Young Adult author of  'Girl on a Wire' and 'Girl in the Shadows', has written a prequel novel to the series, which promises to explore Eleven's background, including her mother, and the MKUltra programme.

There are more titles coming out for both adults and young readers later in 2019. The gift book is yet to be titled, but promises to offer fans "advice, wisdom, and warnings from the Stranger Things world".

The Stranger Things books will initially release under the US and British Commonwealth publishing teams of Del Rey Books, Random House Children’s Books, Cornerstone Publishing, and Penguin Random House Children’s UK, with additional territories and imprints to follow. The audiobook editions will be published by Penguin Random House Audio.

The book series will shed some much-needed light on the Upside Down.

Filming for the third season of 'Stranger Things' has already begun but there's no word yet on the release date and fans are likely to be left wondering until early 2019.

However, there has been some tease about the exciting cast announcements.

Little Women actress Maya Hawke will join the cast as an "alternative girl" whose boring day job gets much more interesting when she discovers the town's dark secret.

There are three new major characters including the Mayor of Hawkins, Larry Kline, who'll be played by Cary Elwes; Bruce, a news reporter in his 50s, played by Jake Busey; and a "sweet, neighborhood elder" named Patricia Brown.

The A-star bulk of the original cast will be returning, along with young musical prodigy Finn Wolfhard (his band Calpurnia is putting out an EP this year), Winona Ryder, David Harbour and teen queen Millie Bobby Brown. Some new faces, including Jake Busey and Cary Elwes, are joining the cast this season, as well.