'Stranger Things' season 3 will feature a mall that may just change the lives of people in Hawkins

The town has had its share of horror and before it gears up to face grave new threats, there's a brand new mall with a bunch of popular brands to provide some respite and a bit of fun. Or at least we hope it does.

                            'Stranger Things' season 3 will feature a mall that may just change the lives of people in Hawkins

Times are changing in Hawkins. The town has had its share of horror until a new batch of it or them arrives. And one of the things that has been a pivotal part of all the info that Netflix is dishing out on the internet is about the newest entrant to Hawkins - Starcourt Mall. 

While the mall attracts you with its colorful vibe, there's something seedy about it at the same time. The mall was first mentioned back in last July in a teaser starring everyone’s favorite babysitter, Steve Harrington (Joe Kerry). But how will it play a key role in the show?

Here's a look at the mall ad and a quick read about the trailer. 



For starters, it reminds us of the Riverdale mall in the Archie comics; and for the teens, it is a place to work and make some dough on the side, hang out and have fun at the same time. At this stage, it is safe to assume that the heroes who have saved Hawkins are now at that phase in their lives where a mall is welcomed with open arms thanks to the vibe it brings.  

In seasons 1, it was the school that saw a fair bit of action between the monsters and the kids, while it was the Hawkins Lab that was a battlefield in the second. So does that mean Starcourt mall will be one of the key locations for a major showdown? At this stage, all we know is that the kids are on the cusp of adulthood and maybe the mall will be one of their favorite hangouts. 

What's interesting is the introduction of the mall in the first place as part of the show's plot point. The trailer showed a bunch of popular American brands of the '80s and gave a glimpse of what people could do to have fun. For a town as small as Hawkins, the mall looks like a perfect addition to jazz up the place after what it's gone through. There are ample mentions that it is America's next big thing and that is enough to attract the people. 

But a lot of questions remain. Is Hawkins ready for a mall? Is the mall more than just a fancy place and do we see it as an integral part of the season's story? Maybe it's too much to speculate at this point, but then for all we know, it just might be a way to show that the country is taking huge strides in business and malls are the next big thing. After all, it is a huge transition from shopping centers. 

Guess we'll find out what exactly Starcourt Mall offers Hawkins when 'Stranger Things' Season 3 premieres on July 4 on Netflix. 

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