'Stranger Things' season 3: Three fan theories that just might come true this July

Fans have their theories on what lies ahead for the Hawkins gang and if they come to pass, let's just say that season 3 of 'Stranger Things' might be the most interesting one yet.

                            'Stranger Things' season 3: Three fan theories that just might come true this July

'Stranger Things' season 3 is set to make its comeback on July 4 and while the show is all geared up for its final season, all the fans have been curiously waiting to know what lies in the fate of the gang in the town of Hawkins. For all those who are finding it hard to remember what had happened in season 2, let's rewind a bit to refresh your memories. The second season saw the showrunners introducing new characters into the picture - Max and Kali. Be it Max's character who is always ready for any adventure or Kali, who we come to know is one of the several children who was experimented on. While the second season answered some of the questions for its fans, there are still loose threads that the season 3 needs to bring together.  Well, fans have had their theories on what lies ahead for the Hawkins gang and if the showmakers are paying any attention to them, let's just say that season 3 might be the most interesting one so far. 

1. Kali makes her return to save Eleven 




During the second season, we get a bit bit of background into the life of Eleven and how she wasn't the only child who was tortured and experimented on. While Kali happened to be a character we were introduced for a couple of scenes, it was clear there was more to her than just her being just another experimented child. During the season we see that just like Eleven, Kali too is gifted with some of the powers and people believe that it is going to be put in use in the third season. One of the most popular theories is that Eleven may not be as powerful in season 3 and it is possible she might be the victim of the Mind Flayer. If it does happen, the only way to bring her back is with Kali entering her mind and helping Eleven free herself. Even though the second season might have given Kali an appearance of an antagonist, looking at how things are never what they seem, it is quite possible that Kali might just be the knight in shining armor for Eleven and her friends in season 3. 

2. We might say goodbye to Steve  




Every great fight requires sacrifice and this fight between the citizens of Hawkins and the upside-down world is no different. While we would hate for any of the main characters to die, most of the people have placed their bets on Steve Harrington. We see a different side to Steve when he decides to help Dustin out. Despite trembling with fear, we see a hero in him which make us believe that he may not be as bad as one had thought him to be. Even though throughout the first two seasons Jonathan Byers looks like someone who would not think twice to sacrifice himself in order to save his loved ones, in the most cliched plot, it is possible that we see Steve coming in between this and be the person who decides to sacrifice himself. Though we hope that no one has to die in this fight because let's accept it, we love them all. 

3. Hopper's daughter might be alive




Hopper and Eleven are able to develop a strong bond with each other because of Hopper's guilt of being the reason for his daughter's death. While there is not a lot that has been said or shown about her one can only imagine that something terrible might have happened to her. However, throughout the first two seasons, we see Hopper being heavily invested in the theory of Upside down world and Eleven. Could it be because his daughter was one of the many who were taken for the experiment? Though we see Sara succumbing to cancer in one of Hopper's flashbacks. A hint about the reunion might have been placed during the second season of the show. We notice that when Hopper goes to visit Terry we are shown a glimpse of Terry communicating with a girl who is blonde. While her face is not shown the best guess for everyone had been that it was Eleven. However, the hair color was a giveaway as the girl in the scene could not have been Eleven because of her brunette hair. Our best guess to this was it was Hopper's daughter and we might just witness a family reunion happening in the third season.