'Stranger Things' season 4: Will Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven head to Russia after Jim Hopper's death?

'Stranger Things' season 4: Will Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven head to Russia after Jim Hopper's death?

This article contains spoilers for 'Stranger Things' Season 3

For 'Stranger Things' fans some of the deaths in the third season may have been a bitter pill to swallow. 

David Harbour's Jim Hopper was one of the integral characters who supposedly "perished" in his attempts to save Hawkins and the children. Some of us may argue that he may not be dead after the post-credits teases an 'American' who is still alive and locked up in a chamber in Russia, but until we see a fourth season on Netflix, let's just look at him as one of the casualties along with Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery) and Alexei 'Smirnoff' (Alec Utgoff). 

But however, if you still feel that Hopper has not yet met his maker (we feel the same!) then we have a few theories that is sure to come as a soothing balm. 

If you didn't see the death, it didn't happen

Yes, we know, Hopper may have been zapped off just like the Russian scientists and other military personnel after the portal-opening cannon was shut down, but again, the post-credit scene suggested otherwise and since we didn't see Hopper, we are pretty sure that the Chief of Police managed to somehow  escape the electric crackles, but was apprehended by the Russian militia after doing so.


So that's one possibility. He's alive and needs rescuing. 

Or maybe, he doesn't need rescuing at all

The burly Hopper may not have been at his fighting best, but you couldn't count him out of the fight. Despite being walloped by the Russian muscle, he still managed to pulverize him. Perhaps, season 4 may see Hopper somehow breaking out of the Russian prison where he's being held captive. How will he make it back to Hawkins? Well, we don't know. But all we know is it's not impossible. 

Eleven to the rescue

What's to stop Eleven from trying to search for Hopper across the world? (YouTube)

Of the many abilities that Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) possesses in the series is telepathically figuring out what people are up to. But as we know, she's lost her powers by the end of the season, or they have just drained out. But like how her boyfriend, Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) puts it, the powers will come back. 


And when they do, the El we know would have probably been a tad older, wiser and at some point, may try and see if she could scout for Hopper's presence out there. The fact that she retains the letter he's penned for her and Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) keeps his police uniform may mean that she could use those objects as a means to find out.

Does that mean we'll see the Hawkins heroes plan a trip to Russia and fight it out there? After all, there is a Demogorgon that is being held captive.

What do you think will happen to Hopper in season four?


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