Stormy Daniels' husband accuses her of cheating, files for divorce

Stormy Daniels's third husband Glendon Crain has filed for a divorce after accusing the porn star of adultery

                            Stormy Daniels' husband accuses her of cheating, files for divorce
Stormy Daniels (Source:Getty Images)

Stormy Daniels and her third husband Glendon Crain have decided to call it quits after eight years. Daniels married Crain in the year 2010 and the couple gave birth to a daughter the following year. Along with the divorce petition, Crain has also filed for a restraining order against Daniels and is seeking sole custody of their seven-year-old daughter. Reports suggest that Crain has also accused Daniels of adultery.

On Monday, Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti took to Twitter to announce, "My client Stormy Daniels and her husband Glen have decided to end their marriage. A petition for divorce was filed last week, the accuracy of which is vehemently disputed. Stormy’s daughter remains her number one priority. She kindly asks for privacy for the sake of her family," Avenatti shared.

Crain filed for divorce from Stormy Daniels just one week after her arrest at an Ohio strip club which she claimed was "politically motivated".

Daniels' lawyer said that the accuracy of Crain's divorce petition is "vehemently disputed" but did not elaborate on Crain's reasons for seeking a divorce. Glendon Crain, also known as Brendon Miller, is a professional heavy metal drummer who also works in the porn film industry.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Daniels said that her partner and her daughter have suffered enough at the hands of the media. "My daughter didn't deserve any of this. [Crain] didn't deserve any of this." The porn star has been under heavy public scrutiny after claiming that she had a fling with POTUS Donald Trump. Her now ex-husband Crain has stayed out of the spotlight and has been silent on the alleged affair.   

According to documents, Crain has also filed for a restraining order against Daniels along with his divorce petition and it is still unclear why Crain did so.

According to TMZ, Crain has asked the judge to prohibit Daniels from causing bodily injury or threatening him or their daughter. He claims Daniels wanted to take their daughter on tour where the seven-year-old would be on a bus with other adult performers, and at risk for both physical and emotional harm. Crain's reportedly trying to deny Daniels the right to see their daughter. Crain is also accusing Daniels of committing adultery but has not revealed any details.

Recently, Stormy Daniels was arrested while she was performing at a Columbus, Ohio, strip club after allegedly having made physical contact with the patrons. According to Daniels' lawyer, the arrest was "politically motivated" and "reeks of desperation". 

The police shared that Daniels was busted after she allegedly touched three different undercover olice officers during her performance at the Sirens club in a violation of a state law which prevents anyone who is not a family member from touching or making any physical contact with a dancer who is either nude or semi-nude. 

According to police documents obtained by WBNS 10TV, Daniels reportedly forced faces of customers into her breasts and then used her exposed breast to smack their faces. She also allegedly fondled the breasts of female customers. The documents stated that she was "topless and wearing a g-string" when she "knowingly touched a patron in a specified anatomical area". 

The documents also continued to allege that she "put both hands on officers buttocks, both hands on officers breast then put her breast in [the] officers face". Daniels, however, denied the allegations and her legal team also dismissed the complaint. 

Stormy Daniels (Source: Getty Images)


In a statement to Twitter, the Columbus Police Department shared that the arrest was part of a "long-term investigation into allegations of human trafficking, prostitution, along with other vice-related violations". In connection with the investigation, two other individuals were also arrested. 

Stormy Daniels' real name is Stephanie Clifford and she was released on a $6,000 bail within hours of being arrested, Avenatti told MSNBC. He also shared that Daniels would not enter a guilty plea and would not personally appear in court. She was arrested on three counts of misdemeanor sex offenses. Avenatti told the Associated Press, "This was a complete setup. It's absurd that law-enforcement resources are being spent to conduct a sting operation related to customers touching performers in a strip club in a non-sexual manner". 

The charges that were made against the porn star were eventually dropped. Her lawyer posted an update to Twitter which read, "I am pleased to report that the charges against my client have been dismissed in their entirety (below motion was just granted). I want to thank Joe Gibson & his colleagues at the prosecutors OFC for their professionalism starting with our first call early this am".  

Stormy Daniels is currently suing President Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen. She is also trying to invalidate a nondisclosure agreement which she had signed before his election in the year 2016. Cohen has been accused of paying her around $130,000 to keep her encounter with Trump, who was married to his current wife and first lady Melania Trump at the time, on the down low. 

Avenatti recently told CNBC that he is aware of secret recordings reportedly made by Trump and Cohen about paying off a playboy model. "Back on May 30, in front of the federal courthouse, I demanded the release of the Trump tapes and disclosed their existence at that time. and I am once again demanding the release of all audio recordings made of Donald Trump," Avenatti shared.