Kylie Jenner tests Stormi's patience with a bowl of M&Ms, wins over internet with adorable quarantine video

Kylie Jenner gave people something to smile about while they are in quarantine as shared an adorable video of her daughter Stormi Webster

                            Kylie Jenner tests Stormi's patience with a bowl of M&Ms, wins over internet with adorable quarantine video
Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Stormi (Getty Images)

Kylie Jenner has been quarantining with Stormi Webster and it seems like the mother-daughter duo has been having a lot of fun together. Kylie has been sharing a lot of pictures on her social media to keep her fans updated about how her quarantine has been going. Thanks to Stormi there is not a dull day in her life. 

Stormi definitely knows how to keep Kylie entertained and the two have had the help of Travis Scott in the house as well. Recently, the reality star took to social media to share a video of Stormi where Kylie was seen testing her daughter's patience. We all know how hard it can be to control our urges but it seems like Stormi has already mastered that. 

The video showed an excited Stormi with a bowl full of M&Ms in front of her. Kylie put a condition in front of Stormi that required the little tot to control her urges in order to have the chocolate. Kylie was quick to inform Stormi that she would get three pieces of the chocolate if she was able to stay away from it until her mother got back. 

Stormi was quick to accept the challenge and Kylie placed the camera to record everything. Stormi could be seen staring at the chocolates and finding it hard to fight the urge to dig into the bowl. At one point, she seemed to lean in for the chocolate but she managed to control herself as she could be heard saying "patience" on repeat. 

Once Kylie came back, she was happy to see how well Stormi had done. It does not come s a surprise that Kylie wanted to share this adorable video with the world as she captioned it as, "Omg my BABYYY 😫😍 i had to take part in this challenge." Looking at Stormi perform brilliantly, Chrissy Teigen knew she had to try the same on her children. 

"Ok oh my god this is SO SWEET I gotta try with miles. I know Luna won’t but miles, it’s over," she wrote. Meanwhile, the fans could not stop admiring Stormi and her cuteness seemed to have won their hearts. 

"I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just watched @KylieJenner’s video of Stormi with the bowl of candy 5 times in a row. I can’t stop," read one comment. Another wrote, "I thought I couldn't love Stormi any more. I clearly thought wrong. Like, she didn't even lieeeeeeeeeee."

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