Stone Temple Pilots goes fully acoustic in 'Perdida', leave fans divided over 'very different sounding' album

The album is their first in two years and second with new lead singer Jeff Gutt who replaced Chester Bennington and Scott Weiland

                            Stone Temple Pilots goes fully acoustic in 'Perdida', leave fans divided over 'very different sounding' album
Jeff Gutt, Dean DeLeo, Robert DeLeo and Eric Kretz (Getty Images)

'Perdida', Spanish for 'loss' is the latest album from the Stone Temple Pilots. It is a slow and introspective release that grieves all the losses the band has dealt with over in the past decade as well as a hopeful set that takes comfort in maturing and moving on.

But not all fans are on board with this album. This is a "very different sounding Stone Temple Pilots," as one Twitter user rightfully points out.

"Second album with the new singer (who sounds almost exactly like Scott, so it's not bad). I preferred the first one a lot more. I guess I'm happy they are trying new things, but it's very sleepy," tweets another user. This has been one of the most common issues fans appear to have with this album.

'Perdida' is a departure from the band's previous releases in that it strips it all down and goes fully acoustic. That in itself is not a bad choice, but many find that it strays too far away from the band's heavier sound that they have come to love.

Admittedly, their musical choices on this album are definitely more indie-sounding. One user tweets, "Stone Temple Pilots said “let’s write a Damien Rice album” with Perdida lmao." They continue, "I’m being silly but this acoustic album has a weird touch of New Age Flute sound and Damien Rice with STP mixed in’s. interesting lol." That's not a reach - the album actually features several instrumental solos, including a saxophone and a flute.

Cover art for the latest album from the Stone Temple Pilots 'Perdida' (Press Kit)

But many fans were quite pleased with this album, especially because of how emotional and personal it is. The band asked Twitter followers to pick a favorite, but how are you supposed to pick one moment amidst the stream of emotions this album evokes!

As expected, fans could not pick just one track. "Brilliant so far. Maybe my fav STP album in 20 years," tweets one user. Many who did answer the question picked the opening track, such as this user who tweets, "Fare Thee Well ! @JeffreyAdamGutt my favor vocalist,  Jeff's range is amazing,  listened to the album most of my day.  Awesome Guy's." Another user picked the track 'Years', tweeting "So far, my fav song of Perdida. Sounds like Time from Alan Parsons Project but with a touch of new. Is this really Stone Temple Pilots?"

For many, it took more than a brief listen to fully absorb what 'Perdida' had to offer. "Ok now that I have time the new album of Stone Temple Pilots is a masterpiece itself so melodic, sad and painful beautiful "Perdida" is what I was wanting without even knowing thank you for this gift that comfort my lonely hours," tweets one user.

Others praised the band for soldiering on despite everything they've been through, tweeting "Through thick and thin Stone Temple Pilots have continued making some great Rock N' Roll. The new album is outstanding and I really like the acoustic vibe on this one. Jeff Gutt is one helluva singer!"

Stone Temple Pilots (Press Kit)

Another user tweeted, "I admire bands for sticking in it. Today I was thinking of Stone Temple Pilots and about how they were derailed by Scotts addiction, Chester's death And now just had to cancel their Perdida tour because Jeff has to have back surgery. But they keep getting up and keep going." Another user replied, "Tbf I'd have cancelled too if I found out I was opening for Nickelback #controversialopinion. Whatever the reason, I hope stp keep well. I was enjoying Tiny Music only yesterday. New music these days often doesn't create a new atmosphere for listeners. stp had atmosphere."

Controversial opinion aside, they're spot on about one thing: STP sure know how to create a vibe.

Some fans had more insight to offer into why they were so moved by this album. In a series of tweets, this user says, "The way Jeff sang these songs...just wow. Beautiful. The lyrics are the best written out of all STP albums. And I don't think I've ever owned another record where I can actually make out every single word! Bravo on that! I wanted a little more of Eric's unique signature sound."

They added, "Its a great record. Different is ok cuz now I have one that'll help me sleep and the rest of the STP albums I'll just keel jammin' out while I'm awake. Lol! I already can't wait for the next recorda I want more! Loud love guys!" They made sure to clarify, however, that they weren't calling the album 'sleepy' as others have, saying "And lemme clarify when i say now i have one to help me sleep...dont take that wrong! I have sleep issues and have been waiting for someone to release something gokd that i can enjoy and help me relax in a way that i can get to sleel past my traumas. So thanks for my new therapy!"

Some simply quoted some of the lyrics from the album, such as this tweet: "I'll meet you in the sky, Where the winds turn into breeze." And even if the opinions are split down the middle, that lyric truly captures what this album is meant to be about - finding hope and moving on, knowing that one day, we'll all meet again.

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