Steve-O says he'll fight Justin Bieber if Tom Cruise does not take up the singer's challenge

Steve-O says he'll fight Justin Bieber if Tom Cruise does not take up the singer's challenge
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Things are about to get very interesting. There is a new challenger in the ring! 

Remember we told you how Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to take him down in a face-off? Now 'Jackass' star Steve-O says he should be the one to fight Bieber instead. He tells TMZ Sportz that Beiber is apparently "picking a fight with the wrong guy!" Steve-O has even spoken to UFC President Dana White about it.

White was asked to put together a UFC match between the 'Sorry' singer and Cruise after he challenged Cruise on Twitter. "I wanna challenge Tom Cruise to fight in the octagon. Tom if you don't take this fight you're scared and you will never live it down. Who is willing to put on the fight? @danawhite ?" (sic) Bieber had posted on Twitter.


But Steve-O says he's personally offended that it wasn't him that Bieber challenged in the first place. "I'm sick of being overlooked for my potential as a cage fighter!"

He adds that he was pretty upset about the Bieber snub and that he personally flew to Las Vegas to personally talk to White about it. "I had a little chat with Dana White. And he agreed that if Tom Cruise doesn't step up, and someone needs to fill the cage with Justin Bieber, then I'm the guy."

"We shook on it, me and Dana White."

And then, just like Bieber had, Steve-O called Bieber to the cage. "I think you've been picking a fight with the wrong guy. Tom Cruise might be 56,  but hey, I'm 45!" 

And it looks like Steve-O might also have an idea as to who will win– he says Bieber has no chance of ending the fight early since he can "take a serious beating". 

Bieber was not kidding around when he openly challenged Cruise since he tagged UFC honcho Dana White on the tweet and the Conor McGregor also joined in – adding that he will host the fight if Tom has "the sprouts to fight, as he does in the movies". 


The pop singer isn't just empty threats. He actually does have boxing skills and his friend Floyd Mayweather Jr. has also vouched for him in the ring. Plus people have already started gearing up for the fight. BetOnline is already taking wagers and the public already has a favorite – Bieber as the 2 to 1 fave over Cruise. 


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