'Steve': DJ Pryor says his viral video with son is a lesson on fatherhood and early child development

On 'Steve', DJ Pryor spoke about how the viral video became the talking point for 'early child development'

                            'Steve': DJ Pryor says his viral video with son is a lesson on fatherhood and early child development
DJ Pryor, Kingston Jierre (Facebook Watch)

Back in June 2019, DJ Pryor took the internet by storm when he posted a video of his toddler son Kingston. In the video, the daddy-son duo can be seen having an intense conversation about the finale of a popular TV show.

Recently, comedian Steve Harvey sat down with DJ Pryor to discuss his viral video on the show 'Steve'. Pryor highlighted how the video became the talking point for "early child development". He told Steve the impact it had and what it taught him as a father. "It was just about the authenticity of being a parent and connecting with your child," he said.

He added, "There are a lot of things that we do as adults that stemmed from my childhood. Serve and return just says that he can say something to me and I listen to him and let him know that I am listening to him and then I shoot it back to him. Now our conversation is great. It helps him develop into more mature than an average child."


When the clip dropped, millions of views poured across all social media platforms and overnight DJ Pryor and his family became an internet sensation.

Viewers were spellbound. "The fact this little man listens and waits for his turn to speak and have this coherent conversation is out of this world! This is pure gold!" one wrote and another posted, "One of the best moments I’ve ever seen between a Daddy and his child! The sweetest thing!!! You are truly investing in his life, and he doesn’t even know it yet!"

"These two interacting has got to be the most adorable thing I’ve seen in years. That little boy is learning no matter what his dad will always listen to him. Absolutely precious," another comment read.

Isn't it wondrous what a simple conversation can do? Harvey's talk with DJ Pryor only brings the matter to light again and it is indeed a lesson on fatherhood.

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