Stephen and Ayesha Curry celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary few weeks after the birth of their third child

One of our favorite NBA couples, Stephen and Ayesha Curry, have put up some throwback pictures to relive their seven years of marriage.

                            Stephen and Ayesha Curry celebrate their 7th wedding anniversary few weeks after the birth of their third child
Stephen and Ayesha Curry (Source:Getty Images)

Stephen and Ayesha Curry took to Instagram to celebrate their seven years of marriage, just a few weeks after they welcomed their third child, Canon. The couple welcomed their baby boy on July 2, and they also share two daughters, five-year-old Riley Elizabeth and two-year-old Ryan Carson. 

The couple has been married since 2011 and as a reminder, both posted some throwback pictures of their moments together. Ayesha posted a picture of the couple walking, along with some other shared memories, and captioned it as: "This walk with you has been but a dream. Year after year we don’t think it could get any better and somehow it does. I hope we continue to make each other laugh and continue to walk with God in all we do..."

Stephen, on the other hand, posted a series of pictures which include a video of Ayesha singing to their baby boy and captioned it as: "Happy 7th Anniversary baby! Just yesterday- We looked at each other in awe of the many blessings God has granted us!"

As one of the most popular couples in the NBA - that includes couples like LeBron and Savannah James and Isaiah and Kayla Thomas - Ayesha and Stephen met as teenagers at the Central Church of God in Charlotte. At that time the two were teased by their parents about how great they'd look together, although they didn't quite agree with it then. The two once again met in Los Angeles where Ayesha was pursuing a career in acting, and Stephen had attended a basketball camp. After a brief period of departure following their first date which was mostly about running around Hollywood and having tea, Stephen was coming to terms with the fact that in 2009 he couldn't make it to the NBA. Although he went 7th to the Golden State Warriors, as NBA had the 8th pick, he said, "I don’t know what would have happened if I’d gone to New York. It was nice to have that decision made for us.”

The two were in their early twenties when they got married and had spent a 10-day Honeymoon in Bora Bora. While Stephen began playing for the Golden State Warriors, Ayesha opened a restaurant in San Francisco and was soon named the newest CoverGirl. Although the couple has a busy life, they always seem to make time for each other and rely on family for all the quality time they can get. Stephen told PopSugar during an interview, "There's a lot of communication, a lot of dealing with chaos and being able to try to keep your head up the best you can...You rely on family, for sure. Every year has been a learning lesson when it comes to doing the best we can. Quality time is important and that's when you get the most joy. We really try to protect that at all costs."