Arrowverse crossover update: Stephen Amell confirms 'Elseworlds' filming has begun, shares sneak-peek image

Arrowverse crossover update: Stephen Amell confirms 'Elseworlds' filming has begun, shares sneak-peek image

Production on the much-anticipated 'Elseworlds' special - the CW annual crossover event featuring superheroes from across DC properties, including Green Arrow, Supergirl, and Flash - has officially begun. And fortunately for fans, 'Arrow' star Stephen Amell is here with some timely updates, teasing sneak-peeks, right from the sets.

Taking to social media on Tuesday, in fact, the Arrowverse actor posted an image of the crossover event, featuring a promo art from the fifth season of 'The Flash' with the name "Stephen Amell" written across it. It's highly likely that the image could be a part of the promotions, hyping up the anticipation ahead of the crossover in December. 

Amell also shared some updates for his character, Green Arrow, who is once again going to be a part of the Arrowverse crossover, alongside the other DC heroes. "Spoiler alert: This years crossover begins with Oliver eating pancakes (sic)," he wrote, adding in a separate post, "Gotta say... it was weird being the only actor filming on Flash for a couple of hours today..."




Indeed, these updates don't spoil much about the plot of the upcoming seventh season of 'Arrow' or the crossover event, but it does raise a few interesting questions. For instance, from where did Oliver get a pancake in the prison? Does it mean he is released by the time, the crossover takes place?

"Everything is a little bit under constraints because of what's going on with Oliver so [the vigilantism is] definitely going to be there, but they're going to have to be a little bit crafty in how they go about it," Juliana Harkavy, the actress who portrays Dinah Drake/Black Canary, told Comic Book earlier. "I think everybody kind of has to step up in their own way. In a large part I think that's what this season is really going to be about like how do we see ourselves as heroes without our leader. It's going to come in a lot of different forms for Dinah."

As Oliver prepares for a brand new season, though, he will have to face his opponents minus his armor or arsenal. Locked up in the high-security Slabside prison, it's going to be one tough time for the stripped down Green Arrow.


"The idea now is: If Oliver’s in prison, is he actually more protected than the team?” Felicity aka Emily Bett Rickards explained. “The rest of the team is all going to be in danger as well. Where that puts Felicity and William... I mean, we can only do so much to protect them."        

'Arrow' season premieres on Monday, October 15 while the 'Elseworlds' crossover takes place between December 9 and 11 on The CW. 

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 Stephen Amell confirms 'Elseworlds' filming has begun, shares sneak-peek from Arrowverse crossover