Stephanie Seymour's love life: Tragic tale of failed marriages, Axl Rose assault and divorce battle with Peter Brant

After 14 years of marriage, Seymour filed for divorce from Brant in March 2009 but their love story was far from over as they reconciled again in 2010

                            Stephanie Seymour's love life: Tragic tale of failed marriages, Axl Rose assault and divorce battle with Peter Brant
Peter Brant and Stephanie Seymour (Getty Images)

The tragic untimely death of Harry Brant, the son of supermodel Stephanie Seymour and billionaire businessman Peter Brant, has left the family heartbroken. Harry, who was a 24-year-old model and entrepreneur, died from an accidental overdose after reportedly battling with drug addiction for many years. 

Born in 1996, Harry was Seymour's third child and the second child of Seymour and Peter Brant together. He has an elder brother, Peter II, and a younger sister, Lily Margaret. He also has a step-brother, Dylan Thomas Andrews, from Seymour’s first marriage. 

Seymour's rise to fame

Seymour, 52, who hails from San Diego, started her modeling career at just 16 when she modeled for local newspapers and stores in her hometown. Her rise to fame was meteoric, as she became a primary face of Victoria’s Secret in the early days of the iconic lingerie label. In the 1990s, Seymour went on to be considered a supermodel alongside the likes of Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell. She gained worldwide recognition and limelight.

Stephanie Seymour (Getty Images)

Her acting career, however, did not see a stupendous success like her modeling work. She worked in the film ‘Pollock’ and also starred in an episode of ‘Law & Order: Criminal Intent’.

First marriage to Tommy Andrews

Seymour’s love life has been a tumultuous journey of ups and downs. From failed relationships to domestic abuse, she has endured a lot. In 1989, Seymour married guitarist Tommy Andrews with whom she had her first child Dylan Thomas Andrews in 1990. However, their marital bliss was short-lived and the couple separated in 1990. Shortly afterward, she became briefly involved with Hollywood star Warren Beatty. The affair lasted barely a few months. 

Relationship with Guns N'Roses frontman Axl Rose

Perhaps Seymour’s most talked-about relationship was with Guns N’Roses lead singer Axl Rose. She started dating him in mid-1991 and also appeared in two famous music videos by Rose’s iconic band — 'November Rain' and 'Don’t Cry'. 

The couple reportedly got engaged soon but the engagement was short-lived. In 1992, Seymour reportedly had a short fling with Charlie Sheen while she was still involved with  Rose. This apparently caused a rift in their relationship which was already plagued by other issues. In February 1993, Rose and Seymour broke up. However, their relationship was far from over as the duo went on charging each other with lawsuits and counter-suits. 

Axl Rose (Getty Images)

In her lawsuit against Rose, Seymour claimed that he was physically abusive and she also subpoenaed Rose’s former wife Erin Everly to testify to his tendency of physical abuse. Seymour’s lawsuit came after Rose sued her in August 1993, accusing her of stealing $100,000 worth of jewelry as well as assaulting him. In the end, both the lawsuits were eventually settled.

In a 2014 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Seymour said getting involved with Axl Rose was "clearly" a mistake. “It taught me a lot, though. He was a violent person, and I realized I never wanted to be around that again. The thrill of the whole rock 'n' roll thing wore off. I saw the worst of that world and it soured me,” she said. 

Marriage, Divorce and Reunion with Peter Brant

In 1993, post her traumatic breakup with Rose, Seymour and Peter Brant started seeing each other. Brant is a well-known publisher, art collector and real estate tycoon. When they started dating, Brant was 46 years old while Seymour was 25. At that time, Brant was then married to Sandra Simms and they shared five children. He later divorced her in 1995. 

In December 1993, Seymour and Brant welcomed their first child Peter II. They later got married in July 1995 in Paris, after Brant officially split from his former wife. "I was swept off my feet," Seymour later said about Brant once. 

Stephanie Seymour with Peter Brant (Getty Images)

In 1996, the couple’s second son Harry Brant was born. After 14 years of marriage, Seymour filed for divorce from Brant in March 2009. However, their love story was far from over. They reconciled happily again in 2010 and have stayed together ever since. 

Harry Brant (Getty Images)

On January 19, following the loss of their child, the family issued an emotional statement that said, “We will forever be saddened that his life was cut short by this devastating disease. He achieved a lot in his 24 years, but we will never get the chance to see how much more Harry could have done. Harry was not just our son. He was also a wonderful brother, loving grandson, favorite uncle and a caring friend. He was a creative, loving and powerful soul that brought light into so many people's hearts. He was truly a beautiful person inside and out.”

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