Man raped stepdaughters from age 8, saying he owned their private parts and refused food if they didn't budge

A sick and twisted stepfather gets 18 years in jail for repeatedly abusing partners' young daughters and getting one pregnant

                            Man raped stepdaughters from age 8, saying he owned their private parts and refused food if they didn't budge

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA: A stepfather sexually abused his partner's young daughters and got one pregnant. He also refused to feed another if she refused to give in to his sick sexual demands. The man cannot be named for legal reasons but was jailed for 18 years by County Court Victoria judge Paul Higham on July 19. 

The court was told that the man, in his 40s, had told the 8-year-old that he owned her genitalia and threatened to kill her if she spoke to anyone. As reported by DailyMail, the man also refused to feed her if she did not do what he asked and would reward her with food if she listened. The child would be thrown around like a rag doll and would be dragged by her feet into her mother's bedroom where the abuse would take place. On one occasion, the child was beaten after she refused to get into the front seat of the car and "play with it" after they dropped the man's three biological children home. 

The girl told her mother about the abuse when she turned 10 but revealed the nature of abuse when she was a teenager. When the girl's mother ended the relationship with the man, he started dating another woman who had two daughters and started to abuse them. 

He was also married to the woman for six years and began separation formalities when the 16-year-old victim showed pregnancy symptoms. The abuse was reported to the authorities after the second victim gave birth. Upon being interviewed by the police, the man denied the sexual abuse and assaults and claimed he was not into kids. The man was charged and let go on bail after which he fled to New South Wales and changed his identity, appearance, and phone number. In victim impact statements, both the victims revealed that they did not have a normal childhood because of the abuse. 

The man pleaded guilty to six counts each of incest and an indecent act with a child, and one count of common assault. Judge Higham said, "Each of the incest charges could be viewed, and I find, as instances of violent rape." The man will be eligible for parole after serving 14 years and is on the sex offenders register for life. 

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