Satan worshippers unveil massive Baphomet statue as battle lines are drawn in Arkansas

Members from the Satanic Temple brought the 8-and-a-half feet tall statue of an occult goat-man hybrid creature to the grounds in front of Arkansas State Capitol in Little Rock

                            Satan worshippers unveil massive Baphomet statue as battle lines are drawn in Arkansas
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A group of Satanic worshippers celebrated when a demonic statue of a goat-headed creature with wings was unveiled outside a government building in the US. Members from the Satanic Temple brought the 8-and-a-half feet tall statue of Baphomet, who is an occult goat-man hybrid creature, to the grounds in front of the Arkansas State Capitol building in Little Rock, Arkansas, on August 16.

The statue shows the winged monster sitting on a throne with a pentagram etched above its head. The statue is reported to have been a part of a rally that took place outside the state's center of governance in protest against a Ten Commandments monument that was already installed in the grounds of the building.

The terrifying statue has now been taken away but KATV News reported that the Satanic Temple has filed a lawsuit to have it put back in the name of religious pluralism and the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Counter-protests from Christian activists also took place when the statue was displayed. The Satanic Church has chapters around the world that all campaign for religious freedom. They claim that they have written to state legislators to allow the Baphomet statue to be displayed.

Lucien Graves, the spokesperson and co-founder of the Temple, spoke at the rally and said, "The event is intended to be an inclusive gathering where The Satanic Temple will be celebrating pluralism along with Christian and secular speakers. People of many faiths will come together at the Capitol to reject the Arkansas State Legislature's efforts to privilege one religion over others."

According to the Independent, the monument of the Ten Commandments had been put up in 2017 after a bill that was sponsored by Jason Rapert, a Republican Senator was passed.

He said in a statement that was put on Facebook, "No matter what these extremists may claim, it will be a very cold day in hell before an offensive statue will be forced upon us to be permanently erected on the grounds of the Arkansas State Capitol."

"Our rights to build a monument were exercised through the electoral and legislative processes and have been upheld by the judicial system. They are no less sacred than the freedoms of a shrill few, for whom legal and political rights are merely methods to fleece the gullible and entertain the cynical.

"Due process was followed to the letter of the law when the Secretary of State and the Capitol Arts and Grounds Commission held a series of open and public meetings to gather input on the placing of the Ten Commandments monument."

The Satanic Temple describes themselves as a "religion-type group" made up of political activists and advocates those who work to promote egalitarianism, social justice, and separation of church and state. They say that they do not believe in Satan like traditional Satanists but instead use the term to represent an "eternal rebel" who is away from authority and social rules. The Temple also says that they stand for rationality. The group is said to have chapters all across the world and the largest chapter is in Detroit, Michigan.

The chapter at Harvard University held a black mass in May 2014 but it had to be moved to a location off campus because of opposition from the Catholics on campus. The group is reported to have campaigned against abortion restrictions, given a warm welcome to refugees and also run an after-school Satan program in various schools.