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'Station 19' Season 4 Episode 13: Will Ben Warren die? Jumping overboard to rescue Dean could strain his health

The upcoming episode sees Ben and Dean fall overboard from a cruise ship after trying to save the fire chief
Chandra Wilson and Jason George as Miranda Bailey and Benjamin Warren in 'Station 19' (Twitter/@Station 19)
Chandra Wilson and Jason George as Miranda Bailey and Benjamin Warren in 'Station 19' (Twitter/@Station 19)

Fans are getting a rather sinking feeling about the upcoming episode of 'Station 19', which sees Ben (Jason George) and Dean (Okieriete Onaodowan) wrestle with life and death in the water, after the Black Fighter’s Coalition banquet on a cruise ship. In the trailer, we see the fire chief standing close to the railing, saying 'I can't breathe' and then collapses over the railing into the water. Dean immediately jumps in after him, without a life vest. Ben who witnesses the scene grabs a life vest and jumps into the water to rescue Dean.

In the trailer, it looks like the chief is unconscious while Ben and Dean fight to stay afloat. In a dramatic moment, Dean says, "I don't want to die. I can't die." Ben responds saying, "Me neither." Fans are wondering if not just one, but two of the most beloved characters on the show could be written off. But while things are not looking good for either Ben or Dean, fans are particularly worried for Ben who has escaped many close shaves with danger in the recent past. The last episode where Ben makes reference to his health not being its best has also got fans concerned.


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One fan on YouTube said, "Did anyone catch how Ben was talking about his health last episode". Another fan gave a more detailed description of the worrying situation Ben seems to have found himself in of late. The fan says, "Am I the only one who wonders what is going on with Ben? last episode, in the beginning of it, he spoke with Bailey on the phone and told her he would talk with Bishop, he just doesn't want to worry anyone. Later in the same episode, before he received the video of George Floyd he talked with Bailey again and told her he assumed she cried in her conversation with Carina because of him and said they will be okay. And in tonight's episode when he talked to Dianne he said something about worrying about his health and when she asked him about that he said that "being a black man in America is life threathening but other than that..." and he didn't say more. I have a feeling that we're about to find out he's sick next episode."

If Ben is indeed vulnerable, will jumping into the water to save Dean be what pushes him over the edge? Fans can't understand why Ben would make such a foolish decision. One fan on YouTube says, "Now, I understood why Dean jumped, but Ben? BEN?! I don’t understand why he jumped too?? Why didn’t he just run and tell everyone they were overboard and have the captain stop the ship?! He didn’t even jump with extra life jackets just one for himself. The math ain’t mathing y’all — I understand it’s TV but damn".

Has Ben pushed himself too far in what could be a vulnerable physical state? It's not looking comforting that the 'Station 19' Team also rather ominously put up this tweet: "Benley safe and sound". One fan tweeted, "don’t fall for it y’all this a set up. they either getting divorced or one of them dying either way something going down"



To find out what is in store for Ben and Bailey you can catch the latest episodes of 'Station 19' on Thursdays at 8|7c on ABC. Catch the trailer for the upcoming episode below: