Starz 'American Gods' season 2 preview: All you need to know about the new gods

Starz 'American Gods' season 2 preview: All you need to know about the new gods

Starz's 'American Gods' is back with an epic new season, and although this fantasy series was plagued by behind the scenes tiffs and squabbles, production for season two is well underway. From the looks of the trailer released January 20, the second installment of this series looks a lot more fast-paced then season one.

'American Gods' is based on the novel of the same name by legendary author Neil Gaiman, about an imminent battle between the Gods of the old world and the New Gods of technology, media, and authority that dominate modern life.

While the first season may have dragged on a bit, its beautifully dark visuals and deep characters are what captures viewers' attentions. The show featured remarkable lead performances from Ian McShane, playing the enigmatic Mr. Wednesday, and Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon, a seemingly normal guy who's caught up in the middle of the conflict between the Gods.


We'll also see Pablo Schreiber reprise his role as Mad Sweeney, a leprechaun that's six-feet tall, along with Orlando Jones as Mr. Nancy, the trickster God of pranks and stories. We also see Yetide Badaki as Bilquis, Bruce Langley as Technical Boy, Peter Stormare as Czernobog, Chris Obi as Anubis, and Demore Barnes as Mr. Ibis, to name a few. The second season introduces us to a new set of Gods, along with a majority of the old and new Gods from season 1 reprising their roles in the latest season, and, we've listed some of them below:

Mr. Town: We see Dean Winters playing Mr. Town. Described as a strong believer in progress, Mr. Town is tasked by Mr. World (Crispin Glover) to find out what Shadow knows about Mr. Wednesday’s plan. His extreme efficiency and technique just may get him the answers to his curious questions.


Sam Black Crow: Devery Jacobs will play a college student who is spiritually cynical for someone who claims to believe in so much. While she may not be playing a God, she lives a bold and impulsive life, selling the chainsaw art she carves by the roadside for extra money.

New Media: Although we won't see Gillian Anderson take up the role of Media again, we see Kayhun Kim replacing her not as Media, but as New Media. New Media is the culmination of all global content, who is also a master of manipulation.


Kali aka Mama-Ji:  Timeless' Sakina Jaffrey, has joined the 'American Gods' cast as Mama-Ji, a waitress at Motel America who also happens to be the Hindu goddess of war. According to Deadline, Mama-ji is a free spirit who possesses an acerbic wit and a necklace of skulls. Her might is a match for any god or man.

American Gods' twitter handle also released short footage of the first three and a half minutes of the first episode of season two, you can view it below.


With the above gods confirmed for season 2, we can't wait for its release 30 April, only on Starz.


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