'American Gods' Season 2: 3-minute-long sneak peek of the premiere meant to satiate fans, leaves them frustrated instead

'American Gods' Season 2: 3-minute-long sneak peek of the premiere meant to satiate fans, leaves them frustrated instead

'American Gods' is one of the strangest and most weirdly fascinating shows to air on Starz, and the show promises the second season will follow this theme, if not get even weirder. The second season of 'American Gods' was nearly canceled due to the leave of showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green in November last year, and the season had a bit of starting trouble with their production.

But starting 2019, 'American Gods' has launched campaigns on their social media and created quite a riot among fans. Their Twitter feed is now filled with moving images of the featured gods, along with a short introduction to each respective god.



American Gods' official Twitter account decided to release a three-minute long video, which is meant to be the first three minutes of the upcoming season 2, and fans let out an exasperated sigh as to why? The teaser starts off pretty exciting, and we see the scene opening up to an elderly man who's just about to tee-off on a beautifully pristine golf course, only to be run over, without a care, by Technical Boy driving his black limo and blaring his euro-trash EDM beats.


Technical Boy is transporting Mr. World to a scantily lit garage which houses the Black Briar facility, and while we always knew Technical Boy is a bit of pushover, Mr. World commanding Technical Boy to "find Media" (Media here referring to a new god), really cements his role as a pawn in Mr. World's game.



There is no actual new information in the three-and-a-half-minute-long-clip and this really hurt fans who were looking forward to some really awesome imagery or to focus on the protagonists, Shadow Moon and Mr. Wednesday. Technical Boy is the saving grace in this clip and the only entertaining thing about this clip is the sheer nonchalant way in which Technical Boy runs over the poor golfer. It's quite reassuring to see Technical Boy is still as oblivious and annoying as ever.

Yes. Yes, Media (new god) is important, we get that. But it would've been nicer if the opening moments caught us up with Shadow and Mr. Wednesday, but instead, we're given just a half-baked idea of a very vague plan which is set in motion by Mr. World. 


While I myself may not be happy with this clip, fans should keep in mind that this show came with a lot of baggage due to its past troubles, and with all the show has been through, the cinematography of this clip is on par (golf pun intended) with that of its previous season. While the scene may not be the best, the visual appeal is still astounding.

Well, you can't please everyone, but Starz should really give a dog a bone.

'American Gods' Season 2 will release March 10 only on Starz.

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