'Start-Up' Episode 2 promo teases Nam Joo-hyuk's entry as Do-san, to be hired to play act as Dal'mi's friend

'Start-Up' Episode 2 teases Nam Joo-hyuk as the genius who once won the Math olympiad will be hired by Han Jin-pyeong to play himself and meet Dal-mi

                            'Start-Up' Episode 2 promo teases Nam Joo-hyuk's entry as Do-san, to be hired to play act as Dal'mi's friend

It was a coincidence when a young Han Ji-pyeong had decided to use Nam Do-san as the name of Seo Dal-mi's pen pal. He remembered the name from news reports that were broadcast on the day and Dal-mi's grandmother also liked the name. However, after years, Dal-mi has decided that it is time to search for Do-san and if possible also prove to her sister Won In-jae that her friend from childhood exists. After Han Ji-pyeong reunited with Dal-mi's grandmother, he might be motivated to help Dal-mi out as well because we not only Dal-mi confess that it's time for her to search for her friend, but Ji-pyeong also takes some necessary steps in the promo.

Dal-mi has no clue that Do-san is just a random name that was chosen and the minute she begins tracking him down, she comes across news reports and from there to landing at the real Nam Do-san's doorstep will not take her too long. So instead, Ji-pyeong decides to land at his place first and asks him to act as if he was the one who penned all those letters so many years ago. Do-san, who is a genius still is working on a program that is related to designing Artificial Intelligence and it is just recently that he had succeeded in completing the program. So he seems to decide that using Ji-pyeong at the moment would be beneficial to him as Ji-pyeong is involved with Sandbox, a company that finds start-up companies and fosters their growth by investing in them.

The real Do-san tells Ji-pyeong that he is in but in return, he asks Ji-pyeong to include his company Samsan Tech to Sandbox. It looks like Ji-pyeong agreed because we see Dal-mi surprised big time at the event her sister had invited her to be a part of just to be able to show off her status and connections. What In-jae hadn't expected is for the real Da-san to not only appear at the event but also confess that he was the one to have befriended Dal-mi over letters. So Namsan Tech is probably a part of Sandbox now. It seems that Ji-pyeong had kept the letters that he had received from Dal-mi safely all this while because he hands them over to Do-san to prepare him. How will Dal-mi react to seeing her pen pal who helped her through the toughest phase in her life for the very first time? We cannot wait to find out!

'Start-Up' will air on tvN on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 pm KST, and can be streamed on Netflix in the US.

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