'Start-Up' Episode 14: Do-san doesn't seem capable of forgetting Dal-mi as the two come together to work again

'Start-Up' sees Do-san tell Dal-mi for once that she should respect his feelings and not continue to confuse him, however, he doesn't stand by these words himself

                            'Start-Up' Episode 14: Do-san doesn't seem capable of forgetting Dal-mi as the two come together to work again
Nam Joo-hyuk and Bae Suzy (tvN)

'Start-Up' Episode 14 saw how Dal-mi had sobbed in front of Ji-pyeong about the pathetic state that she was in that day and wonders why Do-san had to appear in front of her on that day of all days. Sure, she is feeling terrible about having had to seek his help the first time that she met him in three years, and that is after sending him away to 2STO.

She had hurt him deeply when she had told him that he shouldn't be believing in illusions and forcing people because what was not true. She reminded Do-san that he was a liar who had gotten close to her only because of lying about being the person who had written her the letters. 

In reality, Dal-mi did not blame him and even appreciated his gesture. However, she needed him to leave her behind so that she would pull him down from attaining the success he so much deserved to compete for in Silicon Valley. Of course, she succeeds in sending him away and it is after three years that he returns home. In the meantime, Dal-mi is working on self-driving cars with the team at Injae Company, because she wanted to realize the idea that she had first created with her team at Samsan Tech. 

The problem that she had faced was of a malware attack that her company had faced and how they hadn't had any back up in the face of the attack. If not for Do-san, she may have had to bear the brunt of the attack as she would have had to shell about $300 million won or more. However he helped her from the embarrassment. She tries not to feel too happy about all of this because when she asked him how long he was in Korea for, he had told her that he had planned on returning in a week. 

She had assumed that Do-san had not returned for her and so she believes that she shouldn't expect too much of him. So when Ji-pyeong, being the straightforward guy that he is calls her to tell her he had attempted to stop Do-san from seeing her in tears as she had requested, and that had led Do-san to believe that Ji-pyeong and Dal-mi had begun dating. She doesn't worry about it because she believes that Do-san is not interested anyway. 

However, Do-san is hurt furthermore, but this is expected since Do-san never opens up about his feelings so no one except Ji-pyeong seems to be aware of how Do-san is feeling at the moment. So when Dal-mi approaches Do-san to work with her on the self-driving car because the developers that she had been working with were poached by Morning AI. 

However, at this point, Do-san had decided that he was going to put his foot down and told Dal-mi the same thing that she had said told him when breaking up with him and told her that it took him three years to get over her. So he tells her directly that he doesn't want to see her anymore. However, Dal-mi's hurt look continues to haunt him, and when she approaches him again purely for partnering up for work, he gives in to her, and yet again, he finds himself swayed by her.

However, things are not as hunky-dory as we believe it to be and the big test for the self-drive car still remains to be done. 'Start-Up' will air on tvN on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 pm KST, and can be streamed on Netflix in the US.

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