'Stargirl' Episode 7: The janitor saves Courtney, fans pray he will turn out to be Stargirl's real father

The janitor's identity is finally revealed to be Sir Justin, but fans seem to hope that he is actually Courtney's father

                            'Stargirl' Episode 7: The janitor saves Courtney, fans pray he will turn out to be Stargirl's real father
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The janitor's presence on 'Stargirl' has been confusing fans for a while now. Who is he? Is he another superhero? For a long time, fans were wildly speculating about him, and in the latest episode of 'Stargirl', it seems as if they finally got their answer.

Cindy Burman aka Shiv (Meg DeLacy) and Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) got into a spectacular showdown and Cindy had the upper hand. Our heroine barely stood a chance and was getting thrashed, left, right and center. Just as Cindy was about to deliver the final blow, the janitor rushed in to save Courtney, by dealing Cindy with a tough blow.

It turns out that the janitor is actually Sir Justin, The Shining Knight, who has a personal connection to Courtney. Later when he sees Pat (Luke Wilson) with Courtney, he whispers, "Stripesy?" That's Pat's superhero name. So it's clear that the janitor is going to play a crucial role in the series. However, fans are fans, and they have some wild theories of their own. While many guessed that he was Sir Justin, others assume that he is Courtney's real father. "Is the Janitor Courtney's father?" A fan wrote.

"Until we have definitive proof I'm claiming the janitor as Courtney's dad #Stargirl," another tweeted. "The janitor could be a guardian of the JSA or Courtney's daddy," another tweeted. Meanwhile, others guessed that he was the Knight and are excited to see more of him, "Janitor is a part of the original JSA this is not gonna end well for him!! #DCStargirl #Stargirl," a fan wrote.

"That's who I figure it was. Justin knows the ISA's civilian identities, like the janitor in 'The Breakfast Club' who knows all the kids' secrets. #Stargirl," another tweeted. "Janitor saves the day but Courtney is in bad shape. Just YIKES!!! Back at it again next week and its far from over dealing with Cindy. #Stargirl," a fan wrote.

In the comics, Sir Justin was one of the Seven Soldiers of Victory, a team that contained, among others, both Pat Dugan and the Star-Spangled Kid, the latter of which the show made the new Starman (Joel McHale) before his untimely death. The Shining Knight of the comics was a knight of old Camelot, who was trapped in ice at one point in his career, and was revived in the 20th century, quite similar to Captain America from Marvel.

'Stargirl' airs on The CW on Tuesdays at 8pm.

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