'Stargirl' Episode 7: Courtney gets thrashed by Shiv, fans hope she will finally take Pat's advice

Cindy Burman is tough to beat and it's about time Courtney Whitmore realizes that

                            'Stargirl' Episode 7: Courtney gets thrashed by Shiv, fans hope she will finally take  Pat's advice
Cindy and Courtney (The CW)

The women in the show 'Stargirl' are fiery, steel-willed and extremely headstrong; the villains and the heroes both. In the latest episode of The CW show, we got a deeper insight into Cindy Burman aka Shiv (Meg DeLacy), the mean girl of Blue Valley who could give Regina George a run for her money. Earlier, we knew about her revenge porn scheme against Yolanda Montez (Yvette Monreal), which resulted in Yolanda's humiliation in front of the school and becoming an outcast in her own family. But teenage angst is just a part of Cindy's insidious agenda. Cindy is desperate to join her father Dragon King and the Injustice Society, but he doesn't think she is ready, which is similar to the argument between Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson) and Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger). 

Courtney and Cindy have a showdown and it doesn't end well for Courtney, as Cindy has numerous powers up her sleeve (literally). And, she has healing powers. Of course, Courtney needed this thrashing, otherwise, she would continue rushing into battle without listening to her step-father's advice. Fans echoed this sentiment. "I think stargirl really needed to get that beat down by Cindy because it was going to take that for her to stop throwing pats advice out the window #Stargirl," a fan tweeted.

Others were full of awe for Cindy and wrote, "Honestly if Cindy gets anymore awesome they’re gonna have to rename #Stargirl Shiv," a fan tweeted. "I think she gained a new understanding of the need for teamwork when she watched Cindy/Shiv heal. #Stargirl," another wrote. "Yes Cindy is trained and was experimented on. She will be tough to beat. #Stargirl," a fan tweeted.

"What the! #Shiv (Cindy) came out the gates swinging!! What a freaking battle that was! Props to the stunt team for the incredible wire work and fight choreography! Plus the camera work with the long one shot! Those ladies put in work this fight!" a fan tweeted.

"Damn, I really like Cindy," another wrote.

Well, this is just Round 1. Next week, Courtney would have to deal with Cindy again, as she is far from done.

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