'Stargirl' Episode 3 proves the show isn't all fun and games as [Spoiler] dies

In the third episode of 'Stargirl', a character is murdered.

                            'Stargirl' Episode 3 proves the show isn't all fun and games as [Spoiler] dies
Brec Bassinger in 'Stargirl' (IMDB)

Till now, 'Stargirl' has seemed like a breezy Disney-fied extension of the Arrowverse. Instead of twenty-something heroes and heroines trying to save the world, we meet teenager Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) who stumbles upon an almost-sentient Cosmic Staff in her step-dad Pat Dugan's (Luke Wilson) basement. From then on, she becomes Stargirl and knows she is a force to reckon with. However, as the old adage goes, with great power, comes great responsibility...and some seriously determined villains. Stargirl goes up against Brainwave (Christopher James Baker), a member of the Injustice Society Of America. He means business and squashes Courtney and Pat with his psychic powers, but at the last second, they manage a victory. Brainwave is paralyzed and is hospitalized. There isn't time to celebrate, as the Brainwave story is far from over. His son Henry King Jr (Jake Austin Walker) is looking ominous. 

In the third episode, Stargirl thought it would be easy-breezy against Icicle, another villain from the Injustice Society Of America. And that's where it got dark. 'Stargirl' proved that it meant serious business, as we got to see the first murder in the show. A reminder, this is just Episode 3. Courtney's friend Joey, was killed off in an 'accident', carefully orchestrated by Icicle, while he was in a battle with Stargirl. He transforms the road into ice and the school bus carrying Courtney's classmates almost skids off. They get off, and thanks to Icicle, Joey's cards fly into the air. Joey runs across the road and a car runs him down. It's an eerie scene that makes you flinch. The antagonists of 'Stargirl' are not some campy one-time villains; they're here to stay for a while. It won't be easy to get rid of them and Stargirl needs all the help in the world to fight them because it's just going to be uphill from here. At the end of the episode, we even see Hourman. What more grim deaths are waiting in the series? This has rattled fans, who pray that there aren't anymore.

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