'Stargirl' Season 1 Episode 1: Fans are loving the new series, praising its high quality, heart, and humor

'Stargirl' Season 1 Episode 1: Fans are loving the new series, praising its high quality, heart, and humor
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Spoilers for 'Stargirl' Season 1 Episode 1 'Stargirl'

In a pleasant surprise for DC Universe subscribers, 'Stargirl' released earlier than scheduled, at midnight EST. Fans have already watched the pilot episode, and the reviews for the first episode mark the series as an instant hit. 

Geoff Johns received a lot of praise for bringing his vision from the comics to the small screen. "Seriously. It's like @geoffjohns combined everything we loved in his comic book runs on titles like JSA and Flash, rolled them all together and translated it to one of the best hours I've ever seen on television," writes on fan, on Twitter. "Solid first episode that definitely makes me want to watch more. I liked the quick backstory on Starman, loved the Joel McHale cameo, and the discovery of Stargirl, Stripey and the villains of Blue Valley are all nicely in place. Strong cast and well made. Good work by Geoff Johns and the crew - can’t wait until next Sunday night!" wrote a DC Universe subscriber.

"I was hyped for Stargirl but it blew my expectations out of the water. It’s so freaking good and I can’t wait for more. Bless @geoffjohns king," says this tweet.

A lot of fans feel the show brings back the hopefulness and optimism that a lot of modern-day superhero shows are missing. "Had a chance to check out @stargirl_cw, and I have to say, the bright-eyed optimism of that show is kinda what we all need right now," writes a fan on Twitter. "Just watched the #Stargirl pilot and I loved it. Reminded me a lot of Smallville and the early days of the Flash. Really hope the quality continues because I think this could be really special," says another.

"Stargirl was 100 percent worth the wait, loved every minute of that episode. Funny, and it has a lot of heart. P.S. @Brecbassinger kicks ass. Be sure to check it out," says a third.

The opening featuring the JSA made many fans especially happy. "Just watched that Stargirl pilot episode, that was great! An amazing start to a show I am really excited to see. That was a hell of opening to with the JSA!!" exults this viewer. "The first episode of DC's Stargirl was great! Really wish it had been an hour longer, but it was worth it for the opening alone! I very much look forward to more, especially if the other members of the legacy JSA suit up before long!" shared one hopeful fan, including a picture of DC hero Booster Gold. 

Some fans praised the show's movie-level budget and special effects. "Solid premiere. I don’t usually pay attention to directing but several shots in the episode felt like a movie which is always a nice touch. That on top of the effects really gave the show a ‘higher budget feel’ then the usual superhero shows would have," wrote on DC Universe subscriber. "#Stargirl pilot was a lot of fun. You can definitely tell this was a DC Universe production since this had higher production values than most of the DC CW shows," wrote a fan on Twitter.

'Stargirl' appears to be a hit with the fans, and though an early release came as a surprise, nobody is complaining.

The next episode of 'Stargirl' airs May 25, on DC Universe.

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