'Stargirl': What are the powers and limitations of the Cosmic Staff?

The Rod, which grants its user a whole plethora of incredible powers and abilities, has its own rich history

                            'Stargirl': What are the powers and limitations of the Cosmic Staff?
Brec Bassinger as Courtney Whitmore (The CW)

Even as we bid goodbye to 'The Flash' and 'Supergirl' in May for a while, we are rejoicing at the fact that another superhero show is coming our way - CW's 'Stargirl'.

The show focusses on Courtney Whitmore, a high school teenager who moves from California to the Midwest and discovers that her stepfather Pat Dugan (Luke Wilson) has a staff that once belonged to Starman (Joel McHale). Away from corporate worlds and detective cases, Courtney will continue the legacy of the Justice Society of America after she inherits Starman's Cosmic Staff.

Only a few are worthy of it (sound familiar, Marvel fans?). This precious Rod grants its user a whole plethora of incredible powers and abilities. What makes it so intriguing is that it has its own rich history too. The Gravity Rod was introduced with the original Starman, Ted Knight, in 1941's 'Adventure Comics #61'. He devised the Rod himself, so he could absorb energy and covert it through the rod itself and those that wore the accompanying Cosmic Converter Belt.

The Rod became the prototype for Starman's subsequent weapon, the Cosmic Staff. While the Cosmic Staff was similar to the Rod in terms of abilities, it could also create force-fields, which helped them battle difficult environments, be it space or underwater. 

Ted's youngest son, Jack Knight, inherited the Staff from his father and became the new Starman before the Staff would be passed down years later to Courtney Whitmore. 

The powers and limitations 

The Staff was originally used for flight. In fact, Starman could actually fly to the stars, with the help of the Rod. The powers of the Staff evolved over time, and it soon was used to move other objects, or thrown as an attacking object as well. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Owing to the cosmic energy that it has absorbed, it generates more energy and is used as a formidable weapon. The energy blasts are yellow and red, and have a tendency to weaken Kryptonians. The Staff can also absorb other energy, that is directed towards it.  


Apart from attacking, the Staff is a powerful defensive mechanism. It can use its own energy to create a protective shield. However, these have its limits. Despite being strong, these force-fields are quite breakable. It also works when in flight.

Bond with the owner

The Cosmic Rod forges a strong connection with its owner. The Rod can be used without touching it, and power can still be drawn from it, even if it is at a distance. So all the more reason, caution must be excercised when it comes to bequeathing the Cosmic Staff. 

Blinding powers

The Cosmic Staff possesses so much power and energy that it can cause severe harm and damage to the owner as well. In order to protect his eyes from the weapon, Jack Knight had to wear special goggles. This energy makes for a good weapon as it can momentarily stun enemies in battle.

'Stargirl' will air on May 18, CW at 9 pm. 

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