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'Stargirl' Episode 9: Courtney Whitmore is placing her family in more danger than ever before

Courtney Whitmore's secret identity is a step away from becoming common knowledge to the ISA, and her family is directly at risk
(DC Universe)
(DC Universe)

Spoilers for 'Stargirl' Season 1, Episode 9 - Brainwave

Courtner Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) is determined to be a superhero, no matter what it takes. She is headstrong and while that makes her a formidable foil for the Injustice Society, we've seen that it's led her to take risks that put those around her in danger — and now, her enemies have literally come knocking at her door. Courtney's more reckless mistakes are now coming back to haunt her, only it's her family that might pay the price.

Courtney's very first encounter with the Injustice Society had Brainwave (Christopher James Baker) discovering her secret identity. If it wasn't for her Cosmic Staff knocking him into a coma, there's no telling what he might have done to turn her life upside down. Though Stargirl immediately adopted a mask afterward to protect her identity, it proved ineffective, as both Cindy Burman (Meg DeLacy) and Henry King Jr (Jake Austin Walker) figured it out almost immediately after their turn to supervillainy.

Now that Brainwave himself is awake as well, Courtney's identity is likely soon to be common knowledge amongst the ISA — and it's Courtney's family who is the most vulnerable to attack. Barbara Whitmore (Amy Smart) has been working closely with the ISA's most dangerous villain - Icicle (Neil Jackson). The two have gotten close enough that Jordan Mahkent's entire family entered Courtney's home for a shared family dinner. Courtney's worst enemy has been in her home, at her dinner table, and led her family in a rather disturbing grace about sending their enemies to a frozen Nordic hell. It's every superhero's worst nightmare - that the villain knows where to find them and their loved ones.

The deck may have been stacked against Courtney going up against not one, but two telepaths, but holding back and being a little more cautious would not have gone amiss. Her attempts to recruit Henry Jr confirmed her Stargirl identity to him, in addition to revealing that she was responsible for his dad's coma, giving him even more reason to despise her. Every attack she's made that's exposed her identity has been done by going against the advice of those around her.

It appears that Barbara may have finally discovered her daughter's secret identity (everyone else has, at this point), which is good, as Courtney's refusal to share her secrets with her mother was putting Barbara in even more danger. It is about time that Courtney recognizes the risk that she's not just put herself in, but those around her, and start worrying a little more about how to keep them all safe.

The next episode of 'Stargirl' airs July 20 on DC Universe and July 21 on the CW.