'Titans': First they make racist remarks against Starfire, now fans commend Kory for growing on them

Anna Diop's charismatic style and fantastic performance as Starfire seem to have won fans over in the Netflix adaptation of 'Titans'

                            'Titans': First they make racist remarks against Starfire, now fans commend Kory for growing on them

The character of Kory aka Starfire on 'Titans' has been a cause of controversy ever since the show premiered on Netflix this month. Played by actor Anna Diop, the character is an adaptation from the comic books from the DC Universe's 'Teen Titans' series. However, she seems to have grown on the entire fandom, especially with the character's signature bright pink hair.

"I love the hair — especially when it glows when she uses her powers," said a fan, while another agreed to say, "She's so astonishingly beautiful. yeah, it kind of grew on me tbh." Another fan wrote, "I know. It’s so iconic... I have to admit I was first a hater of this whole look, but the show really did its own thing."

Another fan said, "She looks absolutely hot and fierce in the new hair. It makes her look not only bad*** but also super feminine. I also love how they've kept her hair curly instead of the flowy long one from the comics. I like this look so much." Starfire's hair in the comics is long and bright orange. She's also got green eyes since she's an alien.


Recently, some 'Titans' fans accused other fans of being racist over the character of Starfire, simply because of her appearance. The character who had been predominantly portrayed by white actors saw a change in the TV adaptation.

Fans had claimed that some people in the fandom disliked Starfire just because she wasn't played by a white actor. "Everyone I've shown preview images to are like 'THAT'S NOT THE TITANS, WHY IS STARFIRE BLACK, WAA WAAA WAAAA'. Just another case of whiny nerds," a fan had said, explaining the situation. Hynden Walch voiced the character of Starfire on the Cartoon Network show.


Clearly, it's a thing of the past now. Diop's performance, as well as Netflix's rendition, has definitely seemed to have won fans over. "We just need to learn more, we have to trust in the showrunners I suppose because its character development has been top notch," said one fan.

Another added, "I think you just hit the nail on the head. I'll tell you what, the actress and the showrunners have completely won me over with their portrayals and I'm excited to see what they are going to do moving forward."

Starfire also received quite a bit of backlash because of her outfit, which is drastically different from the comics. In the comics, Starfire dresses in a purple crop top and short shorts. On the show, Starfire is dressed in a short dress and a long fur coat. "The look, sans the fur coat, is growing on me, especially since we saw a couple better costumes in previews," one fan said while another added: "I actually kind of like the coat on her. she's so freaking awesome that it really doesn't matter to me what she's wearing."