'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Season 7 Episode 12 Preview: The Empire rises as the Clone Wars come to an end

Ahsoka and Rex need to use every tool at their disposal to survive the end of the Clone War

                            'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Season 7 Episode 12 Preview: The Empire rises as the Clone Wars come to an end

Rarely has a series finale been as anticipated, as dreaded and as lacking in mystery as  'The Clone Wars' May 4 episode. Back after a long and uncertain six-year gap, the show's final season returned to wrap up its storylines and give fans the moment they've been waiting for since the series began: the rise of the Empire and the fall of the Jedi in the execution of Order 66. 

Last week's episode is when the hammer finally dropped. Darth Sidious (Ian McDarmid) unleashed Order 66 across the galaxy and the clone troopers who were once fiercely loyal to the Jedi immediately turned to massacre the Jedi where they stood. Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) managed to narrowly avoid the same fate thanks to the last shreds of resistance to his own programming summoned by Captain Rex (Dee Bradley Baker). Returning the favor, Ahsoka has managed to remove the part of Rex's programming that had turned him against the Jedi - but the two of them are still trapped on a ship filled with clone troopers ready to shoot Ahsoka on sight.

One useful, if surprising element in play is a released Darth Maul (Sam Witwer), loosed by Ahsoka on the clones to serve as a distraction. He may yet prove to be Ahsoka's salvation, but the consequences of her actions may come back to haunt her in the years to come. 

In any case, fans of the 'Star Wars' franchise know what's coming next. Between 'Star Wars: Rebels,' 'Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith' and the original 'Star Wars' trilogy, fans are aware of Ahsoka and Rex's ultimate fate as well of the fate of the entire galaxy and things aren't looking good for the latter. All that remains to be seen is how 'The Clone Wars' says goodbye to its longtime, devoted fans. One of the most well written and historic series in 'Star Wars' history, it won't be easy to say goodbye, but however, it does so, it's sure to be an ending that was worth the wait.

'Victory and Death,' the official synopsis reads, "Ahsoka and Rex must use their wit and skills to survive the turbulent end of the Clone Wars." The series finale has been moved up a few days, to release on the worldwide 'Star Wars' Day.

The final episode of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' airs May 4, at 3 am ET on Disney+. 

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