'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Season 7 Episode 10 Preview: Ahsoka goes head to head with Darth Maul

The Siege of Mandalore continues as does Ahsoka Tano's hunt for Darth Maul

                            'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' Season 7 Episode 10 Preview: Ahsoka goes head to head with Darth Maul
Sterling and Ahsoka Tano (Lucasfilm)

No longer a Jedi but always a champion of good, Ahsoka Tano (Ashley Eckstein) has rejoined the war effort and has even started a new war of her own. Heading her own clone forces as the Siege of Mandalore officially begins, she finds herself up against none other than Darth Maul (Sam Witwer) in a battle that's been a long time coming.

With only three episodes remaining, the Clone Wars is fast reaching its resolution. Order 66 looms above the heads of all the Jedi, who are still blissfully unaware of their rapidly approaching end. In the meanwhile, though, in an attempt to win back Mandalore from Darth Maul's command, Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) and Ahsoka lead an attack on the planet in direct violation of New Republic treaties — sparking off a brand new war before the old one had come to an end.

In preparation for the event, Darth Maul laid a trap beneath the city and was waiting for Ahsoka and her assembled troops when she arrived - though it was Obi-Wan Kenobi (James Arnold Taylor) that Maul was expecting to find. Wanting revenge on Obi-Wan for having killed him, Maul is sure to take his frustrations out on the closest Jedi at hand, whether or not she is still part of the order. 

Last week's cliffhanger saw Ahsoka trapped, surrounded by Darth Maul and the Mandalorian troops loyal to him. However, in the promo for the next episode, 'The Phantom Apprentice,' we see Ahsoka has managed to escape Maul's clutches — though by the same token he's escaped hers. The clone troopers under Ahsoka's command were not so lucky, however, as Sterling (Dee Bradley Baker) informs Ashoka. Darth Maul went through a clone unit with devastating force, and for reasons unknown, has taken one of them alive. You can watch a short clip from the episode below.


Sterling notes that Maul only took the arc trooper, Jesse, alive because Maul used his Sith abilities to find out that Jesse was older than the other clones. Why this is important is unclear, but it very likely has to do with Order 66, waiting inside the heads of every clone trooper and waiting to be released. Ahsoka is ready to head after him, but knowing what we know of how the Clone Wars end, she may not be able to stop him in time.

The next episode of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' airs April 24, on Disney+. 

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