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'Star Wars: Resistance' Season 2 Episode 7 review: 'Relics & Raiders' finds brand new ways for Kaz to mess things up

As the Aces fly down to a new planet for supplies, Kaz, Kel and Eila discover a Sith temple and the dangers inside

The ‘Star Wars’ universe has a deep, complex lore that goes back for millennia. In ‘Relics & Raiders’, one could reasonably expect that lore to be touched on. It isn’t, and what we get instead are extended scenes of Kaz-based slapstick in the dark neon lighting of an ancient Sith temple. Filled with traps for the unwary raider, this episode attempts to find out just how many ways Kaz (Christopher Sean) can mess things up. 

The Colossus has so far been short on food, repairs, power, fuel, and this week, they’re short on supplies. Captain Doza (Jason Hightower) sends Kaz and the Aces out to get some from a nearby planet, Ashas Ree. One can’t help but wonder if there’s anyone else on the ship doing any work, at all. With all the missions Kaz has been assigned to, we’re given the impression that the station would fall apart without his help. Given how generally clumsy Kaz tends to be, it’s a miracle the Colossus is still afloat. 

Kel (Antony Del Rio) and Eila (Nokki SooHoo), who’ve been feeling cooped up, manage to convince Kaz to take them to the planet’s surface. Ashas Ree is a gorgeous place, and the change of scenery is refreshing after time cooped up on the Colossus or on planets with minimalistic backgrounds. Visually speaking, this episode is one of the season’s best so far - from the planet’s bright greenery and glowing butterflies, to the dark red neon interiors of the Sith temple that Kel and Eila discover. 

The temple is filled with a predictable amount of traps - non-lethal, of course, this being a children’s show - and Kaz manages to trigger nearly all of them. He stumbles his way into finding explorer Mika Grey (Tudi Roche), who embodies us all in her efforts to have Kaz keep quiet, and keep still. It doesn’t work, as Kaz almost immediately triggers another death trap but at least somebody tried.

After a scuffle with some First Order pilots who were seeking the Sith relic Mika was after, Mika decides to join the crew of the Colossus. She’s an interesting character, and her tribal-themed aesthetic certainly adds something new to the cast. It’s good to have someone calling Kaz out, and her archaeological background brings a wider sense of history to the show’s perspective. 

The Colossus has to have run out of things to run out of, by now, and the next episode should hopefully see a return to the crew of the Colossus figuring out what their next move will be. It’s been a long time coming, and the fans are more than ready for something more than diversionary episodes. 

The next episode of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ airs November 24 at 6 pm ET/PT on Disney XD and 10 pm ET/PT on the Disney Channel.