'Star Wars: Resistance' Season 2, Episode Preview: 'From Beneath' reunites Flix with a family which is not happy to see him

With the Colossus in dire need of fuel, Flix should reconcile with his family to get the fuel the station needs

                            'Star Wars: Resistance' Season 2, Episode Preview: 'From Beneath' reunites Flix with a family which is not happy to see him

Birds of a feather flock together and resent those that fly away. This apparently still holds true even in a galaxy far, far away. The next episode sees Flix (Jim Rash) returning home to his family on Drahgor III, who apparently resent him for leaving. But that’s not all going on this episode, as deep beneath the drilling stations Flix’s family works at, something stirs. 

The official synopsis released by Disney reads: “Flix takes Kaz and crew to his homeworld to acquire fuel from his family’s refinery, only to discover the family’s drilling has awoken something monstrous.” The released preview shows a scene between Flix and his cousin, who is gloating over the fact that Flix has returned to Drahgor III to ask for help. Check out the preview below: 


We’ve been seeing the Colossus in a bad shape throughout the season, with Captain Doza (Jason Hightower) being forced to seek help wherever he can find it. Last episode saw the Colossus sabotaged by an engineer hired by the First Order to infiltrate the Colossus and disable its defenses. Thanks to Neeku’s (Josh Brener) efforts, the station was able to make a last-minute hyperspace jump to get away from the First Order. The escape apparently left them low on fuel. It would appear that they’re still close enough to Drahgor III for Flix to be able to visit his family, who run a fuel refinery. All is not well between family, however, as Flix apparently left on bad terms.

Flix has said that he left his homeworld because of how backward it is, and that’s obviously an opinion that his family has not taken well too. The Colossus needs that fuel, however, and Flix must find some way to reconcile with his family to get it. Dealing with whatever monstrous thing is lurking beneath the refinery should be an excellent first step. 

‘Star Wars: Resistance’ Season 2, Episode 6, ‘From Beneath’ airs on November 10 at 6 pm ET/PT on Disney XD and 10 pm ET/PT on the Disney Channel.

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