'Star Wars: Clone Wars': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about Season 7

'Star Wars: Clone Wars': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about Season 7

'Star Wars' buffs have one more reason to celebrate when it was announced that 'Clone Wars' would be back during the Jon Favreau-Dave Filoni-led panel that was part of the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago. The animated series is getting 12 new episodes on Disney’s upcoming streaming service, which is all set to go live on November 12 later this year.

The George Lucas-created show made its debut in 2008 and followed the adventures of Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Padme Amidala while introducing new characters like Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex. In addition, the series also resurrected fan-favorite Darth Maul from the dead.

Here's all we know from the Dave Filoni series so far:



Release Date:

While Filoni confirmed that the series would be released later this year, there is no official confirmation if it would be launched as part of the Disney +'s curtain-raiser shows in November.


Filoni spoke about several plot points during his announcement about the series. The seventh season's story arc is derived from several storylines that have gone unfulfilled in the expanded 'Star Wars' universe. One of the key plots comes from the 'Bad Batch' concept that was teased a few years ago after the show was scrubbed. Also, included in the series will be a concept from the scrapped LucasArts 'Star Wars' game, as Ahsoka learns to come in terms with her life in Coruscant's seedy level 1313. 

In addition, the series will cover the 'Siege of Mandalore,' one of the final Clone Wars battles.

During the 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars': Season 7 panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago, Filoni revealed some plot details for the upcoming season.

There were three clips that were released by producers at the Star Wars Celebration at Chicago. The first clip was about the clones squadron who took out droids with EMPs. Ahsoka was shown in the second riding a hovercycle through Coruscant before it malfunctions. The last and probably the most consequential clip was the reunion between Ahsoka and Anakin Skywalker for the first time since she leaves the Jedi Order. 



Ashley Eckstein and Dee Bradley voice Ahsoka and the clones respectively. Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker), Catherine Taber (Padme Amidala), Tom Kane (Yoda), Matthew Wood (General Grievous) and James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan) make up the rest of the cast for 'Clone Wars'.


The trailer opens with a flashback from season 5 with Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order. There are shots of her going down to the Coruscant's underworld to begin a new life. Rex, the Clone Commander remembers his fallen comrades. The clip also shows her reunion with Anakin, who gives her back her lightsabers. There a few hints of The Siege of Mandalore' plot and ends with an epic duel between Ahsoka and Maul as they clash sabers and the screen fades to black with the title appearing in bright red.



The new poster that was revealed during the panel. (LucasFilm)


And that's what we have from 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' so far. Watch this space for more updates.

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