'Stanford Rapist' Brock Turner tackles a minimum wage job even as his victim all set to publish her memoir

'Stanford Rapist' Brock Turner tackles a minimum wage job even as his victim all set to publish her memoir

Brock Turner, the Stanford University swimming champ who was sentenced to just six months in prison for raping an unconscious woman, is now living with his parents and earning just above minimum wage. While his situation is a far cry from the promising medical career he had planned for his future, it is way better than the prison cell he would have been in otherwise.

While DailyMailTV documented Turner's predicament it was reported that his victim, is reportedly writing a memoir about her ordeal, Daily Mail reports. Viking Books announced on Wednesday that it would publish the book, currently untitled, by the woman known publicly as Emily Doe. The publisher declined comment on whether she will use her real name for the memoir  which is scheduled for Sept. 17.

Brock Turner was convicted for sexually assaulting the 22-year-old after a college frat party in January 2015. The notorious "Stanford rapist" found her lying near a dumpster, photographed her breasts and shared it with his friends before committing the crime.


LezLi Logan, center, joins Santa Clara County leaders, volunteers, and survivors at a recall rally outside of attorney James McManis' office in San Jose, Calif., on Wednesday, May 30, 2018. McManis is the lawyer and a major donor of Judge Aaron Persky, who stated in a recent Vogue article that Emily Doe "was not attacked" and that she did not write her own victim impact statement. (Randy Vazquez/Bay Area News Group via Getty Images)


Judge Aaron Persky faced a major backlash after he gave Turner just six months for a crime his father described as "20 minutes of action." On the other hand, prosecutors wanted him jailed for six years out of the 14-year maximum.

Also, as a result of the conviction, Stanford banned Turner from competitive swimming for life.

According to Daily Mail, he is now about to end the three years probation to which he was also sentenced. Following the probationary term, he will be free to move around the country without asking permission from a court. 

Turner currently works an entry-level job at Tark Inc., earning $12 an hour, and lives with his parents. The firm manufactures cooling technology for medical appliances such as X-ray machines.


The terms of his probation dictate he cannot consume alcohol or go into bars. Furthermore, he has completed a year-long sex offender management program wherein he was subjected to random drug testing.

As a result of the conviction, Standford banned Turner from competitive swimming for life. (Stanford University)


Daily Mail reported the former Stanford student was seen leaving work on Thursday dressed in a blue company t-shirt, beige chinos, and black boots. He later drove off in his 2008 Chrysler Pacifica.

At Tark Inc., Turner works in the quality control department. According to his colleagues, he does not speak to anyone and "keeps his head down" at all times.

"He worked in shipping and receiving and he's now in quality control. He's been with us for just over two years," one co-worker told the outlet on condition of anonymity. "He's really quiet and polite. He doesn't say much and he's not really chatty with anyone. He just keeps his head down and does his job, no problems."


As of now, the 23-year-old lives with his parents at their $300,000 three-bedroom home located in a coveted neighborhood in Bellbrook, Ohio.

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